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8 Lessons that we should learn from Carry Minati

Carry Minati aka Ajey Nagar is a YouTube sensation. He is a roaster and gaming streamer on YouTube. He has achieved great success on YouTube. He owns 2 channels named Carryminati and CarryIsLive with 20million+ and 6million+ subscribers respectively and he is growing very rapidly. He is India’s one of the biggest YouTuber.  His journey as a YouTuber is really inspiring. He has broken certain records on youtube. His journey can teach us many things. He has achieved a lot of things at a young age and for sure he will achieve more things in future. So let us look at the 8 lessons that we should learn from Carry Minati….

Age is just a number-

Ajey started making YouTube videos at the age of 10. He started with making football tricks and tutorials videos in 2010 and posted it on a channel named STEALTH FEARZZ. This channel wasn’t successful, but for sure it was the time where he learnt many things on YouTube. This was the first time he started working on youtube and exploring to learn more. At age of 18, he completed his 1 million subscribers on channel CarryMinati. He achieved success in his teenage age which shows that age doesn’t matter. At age of 21, he has more than 20million+ subscribers. People of his age are still completing his education and he is a star.

You must start as early as possible. He started at a very early age, that’s the reason for his success. So, we must always start working on our dreams as early as possible instead of wasting our crucial time.

Follow your passion-

From the age of 10 years, his passion was just to become a successful YouTuber. He always used to love to make roasting videos and play games. He was very good at humor. He always followed his passion from his schooling times. He was a shy and self centered person and always used to think about making YouTube videos. So, we must always follow our passion and do what we love.

Consistency is key-

In today’s era, we all want to be successful and earn name, fame, money and all things very quickly. But this is really a wrong misconception. There is no such scheme that makes you quick-rich.  Ajey didn’t become Carryminati overnight. He first made football tutorials and tricks. Then started with Addicted A1 channel where he used to post gaming videos with funny comedy. When he realized that people love his comedy, he started making roasting videos. He was the first person to introduce the roasting concept in India. And after posting many videos, his roasting video on Bhuvan Bam went viral. So he grew steadily and was always consistent in making videos. So we must never just think of getting quick success instead work on our dreams, do our work on a consistent basis and trust the process.

Be unstoppable-

Ajey is just an unstoppable person. He just has grown so much. First he achieved success in roasting. But he didn’t stop there. He started making Diss songs and also started a gaming channel namely CarryIsLive. He was the first Indian person to introduce live streaming of gaming in India. Today, he is also famous for his gaming entertainment. His diss tracks like Yalgaar, bye Pewdiepie, Trigger, etc are loved by the people. So we must never stop at a point. We must keep on progressing and be unstoppable.

Marks don’t matter-

Ajey wasn’t good at studying. In his schooling he just used to just think about becoming a successful Youtuber. He dropped out of 12th examination. But later completed it with long distance learning. This shows that your marks don’t matter to be successful. So, we must not run behind marks blindly. The most important thing that matters is your skills, dedication to work and passion. Study is important but don’t run behind marks run behind knowledge.

When you fall, bounce back like a lion-

CarryMinati’s video “Youtube Vs Tiktok- The End” became the most liked video (non music) on YouTube in India. But YouTube pulled down the video from his channel under cyber bullying. This made Ajey really sad and he felt disheartened. But he made 100% efforts on his upcoming video which was a Diss track “Yalgaar” and this video broke many records. He fell down, but bounced back like a lion with this Diss track. This is how we must bounce back again whenever we fail. Whatever the results may be, you must put your 100% efforts.

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Always believe in yourself-

Thinking of making a YouTube career in 2010 was not even considered a career option at that time. In Indian society, parents want their children to study well and do a job. No one will support any unconventional career path. Following his passion when no one would support it, shows how he believed in himself. Making a career on YouTube is not an easy task. He always worked on his channel and he always believed that he can do it. We must always believe that our dreams will come true. Start making efforts for it.

Manage your personal and professional life separately-

CarryMinati and Ajey are the same person, but have different personalities. Ajey is an introverted person but Carry is totally different from his own personality. But he manages his personal and professional life really well. People may have the misconception that he might be the same as in his videos, but Carry and Ajey are totally different. We must also manage our professional and personal life separately. And maintain a balance between both. He shares how he is different from Carry’s character in one of his interview.


Ajey has made a big brand named ‘CarryMinati’ at a very young age while most of them are still completing their education at that age. Check out the success story of CarryMinati. He is an inspiration for all the Youths that we all can achieve our dreams at very young age also. His life story gives us many lessons and for sure in future it will give us more inspiration as well.

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