Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Quotes

Top 18 Awesome Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Quotes

Ghostbusters is an iconic film series. In the year 2024, the new film was released with the name of Frozen Empire. The film series has been a top entertaining movie and filled with fun and adventures. Let’s explore the top quotes from the Ghostbusters Frozen Empire…

Best Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Quotes

1. We’re going to need all the help we can get. ~Trevor Spengler

2. This is the way I want to spend my golden years. This is what I love. ~Raymond Stantz

3. It’s okay to feel stupid. Some of the smartest people I know are morons. ~Gary Grooberson

4. Garraka can’t help you move on. You have to do that yourself. ~Phoebe Spengler

5. It’s the Hell’s Kitchen sewer dragon. -Phoebe

6. You have a someone hanging out the side of a moving vehicle, firing a laser gun indiscriminately. – Mayor Peck

7. She means we’re old. – Gary

8. You’ve just been stuffing ghosts since 1984? – Gary

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire Dialogues

9. What’s the worst part about being a ghost? – Phoebe

10. I am a Ghostbuster; I save the world. – Phoebe

11. You the weird guy that buys strange old things? – Nadeem

12. Here, we pay top dollar for your possessed possessions. -Ray

13. We’re all being paid…with memories. – Gary

14. What helps me hear things is silence. – Lars

15. Mind your fingers. Possed by an evil Spin Doctors cd. – Lars

16. I have great aim. If I wanted to hit you I would have. – Phoebe

17. The Ghostbusters are finished.- Mayor Peck

18. Some of the smartest people I know are morons. – Gary

The Bottom Line

Ghostbusters Frozen Empire is an entertaining movie filled with amazing quotes and dialogues. We trust that you liked the collection of quotes.

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