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Top 12 Mind Bending Solo Leveling Quotes

Solo Leveling is regarded as one of the most renowned and crazy web novels and anime series. It features a world where humanity is endangered by the monsters and the hunter must save it from the monsters. Let’s explore the top quotes from the Solo Leveling that are worth reading…

Best Solo Leveling Quotes

1. How could I ever tell him… I want you by my side until I draw my last breath. ~Cha Hae-in

2. If the pain doesn’t kill me, it will only make me stronger. ~Sung Jin-woo

3. If I don’t kill, I will be killed. I can’t run away anymore. ~Sung Jin-woo

4. I feel like something inside me is missing every time I get stronger. ~Sung Jin Woo

5. The system uses me, and I use the system. ~Sung Jin Woo

Solo Leveling sayings

6. Even if careless people get together, they will only be taken advantage of. ~Sung Il-hwan

Top Solo Leveling Sayings

7. Destroy Everything. That’s the Only Mission We’re Given. ~Antares

8. I will follow you, forever, sir ~Beru

9. Is there another? Another you call King? ~Ant King

10. I  am the record of your struggle, the proof of your resistance, and the reward for your suffering. I am death, I am eternal rest, I am terror. ~Ashborn

11. You can never rest in peace, not even in death. ~Sung II Hwan

12. If you’re a hunter, I think you should be prepared to be hunted. ~Sung Jin Woo

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