how to be energetic throughout the day

7 Tested and effective ways to feel energetic throughout the day


We all need to do a lot of productive tasks daily which continuously drain our energy and we need to maintain that energy for going on.  This is the thing that most people underestimate which must be rectified. Many of us are in illusion that we need motivation or inspiration for doing our tasks effectively! But the reality is something different. Motivation can’t help us in maintaining consistency. It would just push us to do something instantly and we are again at the same place after some time. What we miss here is the energy needed for going on in our journey.

Imagine your body as a vehicle where energy is just like fuel. Motivation is only a physical push to the vehicle which may help in starting the vehicle but it won’t go far in lack of fuel. Many people try to do some tasks and give up and then blame themselves for not achieving things. The main problem gets ignored in it which is the lack of energy. So simplifying all this, if we want to do anything productive in life, we need energy to keep going on our journey. So now we have to maintain energy in our mind and body the whole day for uninterrupted routine.

But how to maintain a good level of energy throughout the whole day? It’s just simple. There are some simple actions which help us in achieving a good level of energy the whole day. The main sources of energy are water, food, nature and our own mind!

So first let’s see 7 Tested and Effective ways to feel energetic throughout the day with a bonus tip-

Have a sufficient amount of sleep:-

Actually our body needs a specific amount of energy to recover our body cells and prepare these for next day. Our body gets tired in the whole day and it needs rest to recover. When you don’t get enough amount of sleep, you resist your body for repairing which leads to tiredness and stress in the day. So it’s recommended to have a proper 7-9 hours sleep for better health.

It’s most important as insomnia has become very common. Also less sleep leads to more stress and heaviness in your brain. Your body and brain needs rest. By sleeping less, you may work more hours but you won’t be productive and those extra hours wouldn’t have any use!

Exposure to nature and sunlight:-

Sunlight exposure is essential for our body for a good level of energy. Sunlight is one of the strongest factors which control our circadian rhythms. In the morning, the sunlight activates the circadian rhythm of body. Getting some sun lets your body knows that it’s time to wake up and get going effectively. In urban areas it’s highly recommended to get proper sunlight at least 30 minutes a day.

Also a walk, Either Morning or Evening, is good for relaxing our body and refreshing our mood. A long walk in park or nature is something that human body loves and it relaxes our mind and body. Morning walk is the best option to pick as it gives exposure to nature and sunlight at the same time. A 15 minutes morning walk daily is enough.

Limit your Caffeine consumption:-

It’s true that coffee and other caffeinated drinks give you a jolt of energy but it can also cause you to feel even more tired as it wears off. Caffeine is a stimulant and it doesn’t have long-lasting effect and it creates dependency. So try to limit it as much as possible or avoid it if possible. Also it has some other effects also. Instead of Caffeine, Try some fruits for energy in the morning as they provide continuous energy and doesn’t make more tired later. Try other natural methods for energy instead of Caffeine.

Proper nutrition for body:-

The main system which is responsible for your health, immune system, mood, energy and various other systems of the body is your digestive system. The reason for this is that it provides the essential nutrients to our body like vitamins, minerals, carobs, fat, etc. These are the sources for the energy in our body which helps other systems of the body keep working normally. And when this system has issues you would feel it’s consequences in all other systems also. Also it leads to various diseases so it is essential for us to take care of it.

And fortunately you don’t need to change your diet or take any extra medicine for this; just a practical simple habit would help you in getting your job done. It may seem simple yet it is the most effective habit. All you need to do is to TAKE SMALL BITES OF FOOD AND CHEW MORE.

But how it would help? Actually it’s recommended to chew one bite of food for atleast 32 times! It may seem odd now but just try it with you. Nah you don’t have to count! Just have small bites and chew them as much as you can.

Basically it helps as saliva would mix completely with your food and release essential enzymes for breaking down the food and getting nutrients from it. Also this helps in various diseases like Obesity, constipation, etc. You won’t feel the need to take more food and you would grasp all nutrients from your diet. Our digestive system works well just by adopting this one habit. So just adopt this and feel the change. Yes you would be more energetic than before.

Aerobic exercises:-

Actually our brain gets tired when enough amount of oxygen is not supplied to it. Oxygen is the most essential thing for our brain to keep working productively. And the solution is to supply more oxygen to our brain.

Aerobic exercises increase the blood circulation in our body which ultimately results in more blood flow to the brain. And as we all know blood contains oxygen which helps brain to work efficiently and think with its full potential without being tired. And you don’t need to do hours of exercise for this ; Just 15 minutes a day is enough for our body to work efficiently.

Some examples of aerobic exercises are Running, cycling, swimming, or any physical activity that’s makes your heart to beat faster.

Walking or brisk walking is the simplest exercise to pick up. Playing badminton or similar sports two to three times a week would also get your job done. So do what you love without getting bored.

Also you should try deep breathing in breaks for reducing stress and workload and maintaining energy for your mind. It doesn’t require any resources. Just try it and you would get results for sure.

Power Nap:-

Usually it is seen that we go out of energy till half-day or evening and power nap is the best thing for overcoming mid-afternoon slump. It can be of 15 minutes to 30 minutes based on your preference. It is the best thing to try if you are still unaware and haven’t ever tried it. Believe me; you will be amazed by its results. It refreshes our mind and body just like in the morning. It regains our exhausted energy in the whole day.

But many people face an issue in it. These 15 minutes are converted to 2 hours unknowingly for many of the people and setting an alarm or asking any of your family member or co-worker to wake up would help you. Also keep in mind you are not going to sleep, you’re just taking a rest.

If your work doesn’t allow nap, you can try putting headphones with some soothing music for ten minutes with your eyes closed and relax.

Stay Hydrated:-

Being the most important component, Water has become the most underrated thing in today’s life. We just ignore its intake and are common with dehydration which has its own consequences. Have you ever wondered a little dehydration can cause a significant drop in your energy level? Many researches had proved that only 2 percent Dehydration decreases your energy and alertness upto 10 percent! But in real we never feel the need of water. It is so common that most of the people are unaware of it.

Our body consists 72 percent of water. When our body have less than this amount of water , It is termed as dehydration. And scientists had proved that due to even little dehydration, our heart faces difficulty in pumping blood to the whole body which results in the deficiency of oxygen flow to different cells of the body and brain. And the main reason of laziness and tiredness is the improper flow of blood and oxygen to different cells of the body. This is how dehydration causes laziness in our body and by this you may have got water is how much important for our energy. So for best output from your body, have regular intakes of water in the whole day.

But how do we know whether we are dehydrated or not? Besides some scientific equipment, the easiest way to know is this is to check your urine colour. Dark colour represents dehydration in body and you should increase your water intake for recovering from this.

For students and professionals, the best option would be to keep a water bottle with them and have water intake regularly. I would recommend 1 litre of water per 4-6 hours. Also start your day with one litre of lukewarm water which has its amazing benefits.

Just adopt this one habit and you would feel a great change in your energy. Just knowing is not enough! Adopt this one habit atleast for some good.


You have known many ways to keep yourself energized the whole day. But keep in mind one thing, your mood and state of mind controls your energy level a lot. Bad mood and stressful mind not only impairs our mind psychologically but are also harmful for our energy levels. & You can’t expect yourself working productively with bad mood! So take care of your mood and state of mind. Practice DEEP BREATHING which would help a lot for reducing stress. Be in a positive state of mind as much as possible and check out- How to be a positive person? Practice gratitude. That’s all you need to know. But beware of the trap of knowledge. Just knowledge is not enough. You must take actions to see results in your life. Below are some action steps to be taken for a change.

Action Steps to be Taken:-
  • Don’t ignore sleep and take proper required rest.
  • Try 15 minutes Morning walk.
  • Limit caffeine and try other natural things like fruits.
  • Chew more and take small bites.
  • Do Aerobic exercises for being energetic whole day.
  • Try Power naps for recovering from mid-afternoon slump.
  • Most Important, Stay hydrated. Have one litre water every 4-6 hours.

in this way, you can feel energetic throughout the day. I hope you learnt new things in this article. Stay tuned for more.

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