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The Inspiring Success Story of the YouTube Sensation CarryMinati

CarryMinati is a big brand on YouTube today. The real man behind the name Carry Minati is Ajey Nagar. He is so passionate about his career and he has achieved too much at a very young age. Ajey’s story is filled with alot of ups and downs. He was the first person to introduce the roasting concept in India. He is one of India’s most successful youTuber. Let us look at the inspiring success story of India’s YouTube sensation Carry Minati-


Childhood and Early life of Ajey Nagar-

Ajey was born on 12 June 1999 in  Faridabad of Haryana in Gurjar family. He studied in DPS Faridabad School. From a very young age he wasn’t much interested in his studies. But he always used to be on his computer. He was always fond of playing digital games. Ajey always says that his parents supported him for everything. Most of our parents yell at us if we waste our time on gaming and not studying. But this was not the case for Ajey. His parents were always supportive to him and that’s why he is always thankful to them. He was always an introverted person and was always used to be in his own world in schooling times and used to think about being successful. 

He attended school till 2016 then he dropped out to pursue YouTube as a career. Later on, he completed his schooling with distance learning. 

Ajey was an overweight person in his teenage years. He suffered from many health issues. Later, he followed a strict diet and joined a gym to lose weight.


YouTube Journey of Ajey Nagar

Let us look at the YouTube career of Ajey Nagar-

Starting his first channel-

He started his YouTube journey when he was just a 10 year old boy and he always wanted to become a famous YouTuber.

He started his first channel named Stealth Fearzz. On this channel he used to post videos of football tips and tutorials, technology tutorials, gameplays, etc. It was a beginning for him, so at that time he didn’t know much about YouTube. This channel helped him to learn various things on YouTube. Channel wasn’t that successful but it was a beginning and a very crucial learning stage for him. He was not able to match the quality of other channels at that time and he was just a kid at that time. So, he didn’t get much views on this channel at that time.


A new channel named Addicted A1-

After an unsuccessful attempt, he came up with another channel named Addicted A1 in 2014, where he used to post recordings of game plays with funny commentary. He used to mimic various famous stars like Sunny Deol, Hritik Roshan, Shah Rukh Khan, etc. His video used to get a decent response. He realized that people used to watch him for his comedy not game plays.


Starting with Roast videos-

When Ajey came up to the videos of ‘Leafyishere‘ who is an American YouTuber. He loved his videos of  gameplays roast videos. So he decided to start roasting videos. And he implemented the same format of ‘Leafyishere’. Also he named his channel as ‘CarryDeol’. 

Roasting concept was new in India. So, he was getting good responses on his channel. When Carry roasted ‘BB ki vines’, his video went viral overnight. The video was ‘MAKING MONEY WITH BB KI VINES’.

This video was the turning point of Ajey’s youtube career. He started getting huge support from his audience. Again he rechanged his channel name to ‘CarryMinati’. 


He has collaborated with MensXP, FilterCopy, Technical Guruji, Flying Beast, BeerBiceps and many more.

Check his YouTube channel- Carry Minati


1 million subscribers milestone-

In 2017, Ajey completed 1 million subscribers on his channel ‘Carry Minati’. He got a gold play button for this milestone from YouTube.


Starting a new Channel-

Indian YouTube was flourishing from 2016 and was booming really fast. Ajey came up with a new channel named ‘CarryIsLive’ where he started live streaming of various games and played games like PUBG, Call of Duty, Apex legends, Among Us,  Getting over it, Counter Strike and many more games with funny commentary. People loved his live streams and this channel was also successful within a short period of time. He has even collaborated with gaming sensations like Soul Mortal, Hydra Dynamo, Scout, Kronten, 8 Bit Thug and many more.

Check his gaming channel- CarryIsLive.


Starting with Diss tracks on his main channel-

Ajey came up with making Diss tracks on his channel from 2019. Some of his Diss tracks are ‘Bye PewDiePie’, ‘Warrior’, ‘Trigger’ and ‘Zindagi’. ‘Yalgaar‘ a diss track which was released on 5the June 2020 has broken many records on YouTube. It is in the top 20 most viewed videos on YouTube in its first 24 hours of its released time. His diss tracks songs are loved by his audience so much. 


Another milestone of 20 million subscribers-

Ajey completed his 20 million subscribers in 2020 and he got a diamond play button from YouTube.


Achievements of Carry Minati-

  • Ajey achieved the # 10 place on the”Next Generation Leaders” list which is organized by TIME Magazine.
  • He got 2 Silver, 2 Gold and Diamond play buttons from YouTube.
  • Ajey is the only Indian YouTuber to meet Tom Cruise who is a Hollywood superstar. Check out the video of CarryMinati meets Tom Cruise.
  • He is the most subscribed Indian individual creator on YouTube. 


Today, Ajey is one of the most popular YouTubers of India. His audience love his roasting videos, gameplays, funny comedy and also his Diss tracks. In the era of digitalization, he has achieved new heights at a very young age. His life journey is really inspiring to all of us. He makes us learn many things in life. You can check lessons that we must learn from Carry Minati. Ajay had his own ups and downs but he always made efforts to become a successful YouTuber which today he is at a very young age where people still are in College life. 


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