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Top 12 Badass Quotes From The Ninja Kamui Anime

Ninja Kamui is the latest anime series that’s gaining huge popularity and it has a fascinating plot of the Ninja. It focuses on an ex-ninja who hides from his clan. Let’s explore some of the epic quotes from the Ninja Kamui series that will stun your mind…

Best Ninja Kamui Quotes

1. One, the secrets of the ninja must never be divulged. ~Yagami

2. We of the ninja clan are bound by the code, protected by the code and kept alive by the code. Therefore it’s our destiny to die by the code. ~Yagami

3. Go ahead and do your worst, it this all you got. Remember a ninja never cracks. ~Boss Ninja

4. Learning about others but not letting them know anything about you in the process is the true essence of a ninja’s cunning. ~Zai

5. A sword is a weapon with no will of its own. ~ Yagami

Dialogues From Ninja Kamui

6. Brandishing your sword with no pride is just violence. ~Reaper

7. Sharing a drink with someone, that’s how alliances are formed. ~Higan

8. Inspite of your heart stopping there won’t be no sweet release of death. Even in oblivion you’ll tremble in fear of the only that lie beyond. ~Joe Logan

9. I’m going to burn their eyes into your memory forever, you’re about to be dropped into the pits of hell where you’ll hear the sound of the skin being pulled off, bones being shattered and spines ripped off out whole. ~Joe Logan

10. Three, the mission must always take precedence over your life. ~Yagami

11. Ninjas must be emotionally detached, even from their allies. ~Higan

12. Names are the proof that we exist. ~Higan

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