The art of multitasking

The art of Multitasking

What’s the art of multitasking? Do you know the whole science behind multitasking? Is multitasking good or bad? Does Multitasking make you more productive? Have you ever became the victim of thinking yourself as inferior just because you can’t multitask! Today we are going to explore all these questions to boost our productivity in life. …

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6 ways to increase your IQ

6 Ways to increase your IQ

We all are very familiar with the term Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is basically the measure of how intelligent someone is. But have you ever wondered that you can increase your IQ! Many people escape from this reality and consider IQ as something which can never be changed! But researches and studies had shown that …

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How to master any skill

How to master any skill

We live in an era where people see our skills. In order to succeed in our life we have to develop many skills in our life which includes skills like communication skill, technical skills, leadership skill, team building skill , time management, etc. Skills are not only important at a personal level but also in …

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