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7 Reasons which shows the Importance of Failures

FAILURE is a term which hurts almost everyone but it cannot be neglected. It is just a part of everyone’s life just like success. There is no person in the world who has never failed.

So let us see first,

What is failure?

In simple words, Failure is a condition where one fails to get the desirable results, objectives, outcomes or plans.


In our day to day life, we fail daily as we won’t get desired results in a lot of things but these small failures don’t affect our life much. But what is considered a big failure is the event that affects our life in a bigger aspect. Some common failures are being kicked out from your job, failing a new business, failed loved life, not getting selected in any particular exam and some other situations where we won’t get our expected results.  

Failures are not as bad as we have made it. It’s not a big issue to fail. If you would try new things with an existing good level of competition, it’s obvious that a portion of them will fail. The thing we should keep in mind is that failing at any one thing in life doesn’t mean you are a Failure! Maybe you were still a beginner or not made for that particular thing and should explore other things. 


Why is a failure considered bad?

 Naturally it’s okay to fail and try again with some learning until we succeed. We are naturally programmed to try again and again and to not give up just after one or two failures. But the environment we live in and the society has reframed our thinking and eventually we start believing it as a bad thing and try to avoid it as much as possible.

By naturally I mean to the normal human brain wiring. The best example of this is the child trying again and again to walk or speak until he succeeds in doing so. Just after some unsuccessful attempts, He doesn’t give up and says , “No, I am not going to try anymore or I can’t. ” Instead he tries again and again. We can also observe an ant for learning how to rise and not give up until they succeed.

The reason the child tries again and again is that his brain has been wired to the belief that failing is okay. Also the family members encourage him by telling him that it’s okay to fail. Try again.

But what happens as he grows up? He listens to everyone telling him that failure is a bad thing. He is given plenty of examples of failure in a way that makes him interpret that it is something he should avoid and he is expected to succeed all the time. It eventually leads to developing a particular thinking that failure is the worst thing and if he fails at anything in life, he would be labeled as a complete failure. As a result, either he ends up trying nothing new in life due to the fear of failure or just breaks down after a failure losing all his hope.

But fortunately let me tell you that they all are wrong. No, failure is not something to be ashamed of. It’s natural to either fail or succeed. The reason for this is none is perfect in every field of life. Everyone learns from hit and trial. Maybe you are good in one particular field but fail badly in another domain of life or vice versa. If you failed in any particular aspect of life, maybe that thing is not made for you or you went wrong somewhere. There would be a reason for your failure. But that particular failure doesn’t mean you are a loser. It’s just a part of life. Move on and try other things or improve your mistakes and try again.


Importance of Failure

Failure plays a very crucial role in everyone’s life. The importance of failing in life is as follow-

Failures are blessings in disguise

What do you think of a failure? Is it not good!? Well I have plenty of reasons to support the point that A major failure can become a great blessing in anyone’s life if they have a positive attitude. There is no dearth of people where a failure has changed their lives. The world is full of ‘successful failures and some of the great examples of failure has a blessing are –

 We all know Walt Disney for his amazing imagination ability for designing Mickey Mouse. He is one of the greatest animators of all time who founded DISNEY. But do you know once he was fired out by a newspaper editor complaining that he lacked imagination and had no good idea.

The world-famous Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling was once rejected by 12 publishers! And the rest is history.

Michael Jordan was not selected in the basketball team during his school times, whereas he became one of the legendary basketball players.

So we have seen plenty of evidence that failure is just a part of our life which can turn into a blessing as well.


Failure = Lesson

Failures are good as they carry amazing life lessons with them. They may help you in knowing your real potential and push you beyond your potential if you use your failure as a motivation. They guide us if we are on a wrong track to make improvements in our life. Even sometimes a big failure becomes the biggest turning point in one’s life. But why do we consider failure a bad thing? Failure can teach us many things like success is temporary, rectifying mistakes that you make, humans make mistakes, and the lessons are endless.


Failure means at least you have tried

If you tried something in life and didn’t succeed, you should be proud of yourself for having the courage to try and take it into action. At Least you tried, most people don’t even try just because of the fear that they would fail. The fear of failure doesn’t let us explore our passion and try out new things in life. Remember, It’s okay to explore new fields and fail than not trying and regretting not trying the whole life .All you have to do is to make a shift in your mindset and believe failure as something good which provides us the opportunity to learn and improve.

Albert Einstein quote
Albert Einstein quote


Failure is just making you stronger

We all know that it hurts to fail and yes that pain makes you a stronger version of yourself. It helps you to flourish yourself by forcing you to accept failure,  increasing your potential and learning from all your mistakes. Failing is indirectly helping you to increase your level and limits. That is why failure is a true teacher in everyone’s life.


Failure makes you realize your mistakes

 Some common reasons why people fail are following a wrong method or system, Being impatient, not playing it smartly and all. Remember never ever blame your FATE .Don’t play blame games. Accept your own mistakes. Learn from your mistakes and improve them. Best way to deal with failures is to learn. The only thing to keep in mind is not to repeat the same mistakes. Adapt the learning and  bounce back with a new try and a better plan and a better strategy. Observe minutely and do proper research and explore all the possibilities. Just try again and you will succeed. And the thing that is more important than trying again is to learn from your failure and improve yourself. Try again with improvements and congrats you are going to be successful soon. 

Henry ford quotes
Henry ford quotes


Failure happens for a reason

It can transform our life completely. If you just observe some of the examples, you can easily predict how a single failure redirected them to try something new and become a huge success now. If A.P.J. Abdul Kalam sir would have been selected in NDA, India may not know him today for his achievements. That time it was a failure for them but today if we see back then definitely it was a good thing that he didn’t get selected. If Walt Disney was not fired out of his job, maybe he wouldn’t think of starting the world famous project for which he is known all over the world. Also many of the successful people give their credit of success to the difficulties and hurdles they faced in their life. Hence, there is always a reason behind your failure. So, trust the life journey and keep going.


Failure is just a part of Success

Success is a journey with a blend of failures, hardships, learning, lessons and efforts. Success doesn’t directly come to anyone until you try, fail and repeat it until the victory. Accept the failure to rise back again and again. Success will surely come up, when you keep trying and learning.

Michael Jordan quotes
Michael Jordan quotes

Final Words

No failure in your life is so big that you can’t recover and BOUNCE BACK. All that matters is your mindset and attitude. Develop a strong mindset. Just believe in yourself. Don’t stop believing in yourself and your dreams just because of some silly people. You are much more worthy than you think. You are here to achieve something. Just don’t let some obstacles hinder your way to your dreams. And Failure is just a part of life. Learn from it and BOUNCE BACK with more enthusiasm.

 Reflect on it. 


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