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Top 17 Badass Dune Part 2 Quotes That Are Beyond Fear

Dune was one of the greatest Sci-fi movies that ended on a high note with suspense. Now the Dune Part-2 has hit the theater and you will love this desert exploring movie. Let’s explore some of the great quotes from the Dune Part 2 Movie That You will love…

Best Dune 2 Quotes

1. You’ve been fighting the Harkonnens for decades. My family’s been fighting them for centuries. ~Paul Atreides

2. This world is beyond cruelty. ~Paul Atreides

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3. What we do, we do for the benefit of all. ~Chani

4. He who can destroy a thing has the real control of it. ~Paul Atreides

5. May thy knife chip and shatter. ~Paul Atreides

6. You will never lose me, Paul Atreides. Not as long as you stay who you are. ~Chani

7. Don’t try to impress anyone. You’re brave, we all know that. Be simple, be direct. Nothing fancy. ~Stilgar

8. Where you see sand here, imagine water. You dive in. You can’t reach the bottom. ~Paul Atreides

Best Dialogues From Dune Part 2

9. My father has always been guided by the calculus of power. ~Princess Irulan

10. You fought well once you woke up. ~Chani

11. Never give your water away -not even for the dead. ~Stilgar

12. Want to control people? Tell them a Messiah will come and they’ll wait. ~Chani

13. You underestimate the power of faith. ~Princess Irulan

14. The world has made choices for us. ~Chani

15. Repression only makes a religion flourish. ~Princess Irulan

16. We are Bene Gesserit. We don’t hope. We plan. ~Gaius Helen Mohiam

17. Our resources are limited. Fear is all we have. ~Paul Atreides

Final Words

These were the quotes from the Dune 2 movie echoing within us like whispers from the desert itself. We trust that they have touched you as deeply as they have us.

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