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Top 20 Amazing Quotes From Tony Soprano To Astonish You

Tony Soprano is one of the main characters from the television drama series ‘The Sopranos. Due to his past and present experience with trauma, the character gets panic attacks. Here are the best quotes from Tony Soprano that will astonish you… 

Best Tony Soprano Quotes

1. Sometimes it’s important to give people the illusion of being in control.

2. A wrong decision is better than indecision.

3. Those who want respect give respect.

4. Each day is a gift.

5. Even a broken clock is right twice a day.
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6. If you can quote the rules, then you can obey them.

7. There’s nothing more useless than a loaded gun.

8. You’re only religious when it suits you.

9. Buy land, ’cause God ain’t making any more of it.

10. The belt was his favorite child development tool.

11. They say every day’s a gift. But, why does it have to be a pair of socks?

12. You got any idea what my life would be worth if certain people found out I checked into a laughing academy?

13. I like people who don’t need everyone to like them. tony soprano captions

14. Well, when you’re married, you’ll understand the importance of fresh produce.

15. Someday soon, you’re gonna have families of your own and if you’re lucky, you’ll remember the little moments like this, that were good.

16. The things I take pleasure in, I can’t do.

17. It’s almost time for turkey sandwiches!

18. What constitutes a fidget?

19. A grown man made a wager. He lost. He made another one—he lost again. End of story.

20. I find I have to be the sad clown; laughing on the outside, crying on the inside.


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