7 heroic lessons from Tony Stark

Tony Stark is fictional character of the comic owned by Marvel. All the credit to this character goes to none other than Stan Lee.

Tony Stark aka Iron Man has become most popular and loved superhero. The way Robert Downey Jr. played his role is really mind blowing. His acting skills had made his character very popular. His last scene “And I’m ….Iron…man.” Made everyone emotional. The journey of Tony Stark from building a suit in a cave to defeating Thanos is very inspiring. Being a human, he gave his all efforts to save the world.

Life lessons from Tony Stark
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His life story gives us really interesting lessons which we should apply in our life also. So 7 heroic lessons from Tony Stark are as follow-

Adjust yourself according to situation-

Life won’t happen according to what we think. Tony Stark never had favorable situation. But what was great about him that he always adjusted according to situation. Like, When he was kidnapped in a cave he made a way to get out of it by making a suit with all available resources. He was able to make iron suit in cave for first time. He always adjusted himself in any situation. This is what we should also do it.

Learn from past-

Learning from past is also one lesson that we learn from him. When Tony was kidnapped, he understood that how his weapons are misused and causing destruction. He wanted to make Stark industries has best weapon manufacturing company. But after knowing this and returning to company after being kidnapped, he announces that Stark Industries will stop manufacturing of weapons. Even in his and other suits which he makes, he upgrade it according to the past incident itself. Similarly, we should also learn from past.

Believe in yourself-

Tony Stark believed in himself that he can do whatever he wants. He was just a human, but by believing in himself he became Iron Man and fought against threats of the world. He knew that it was not easy to fight the almighty Thanos but he fought with him. Even he made Peter Parker believe in himself. We should believe in ourself.

Life lessons from Tony Stark
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Do it even only 1% chance is left-

Time travel chances were very low in Avengers endgame. Even though he found a way that can help to do time travel. And also Doctor Strange saw Fourteen million, six hundred and five outcomes in which only 1 was in favor of Avengers. That only one chance was successfully won by Iron man and other Avengers. We should also do it if theirs only 1% chance. Something miracle can happen and if not it’s okay at least you tried.

Use technology but Never be dependent on it –

The uniqueness of Tony Stark was that he was technologist. But even without it he was able to survive it. Remember he was able to build suit in a cave. In Iron man 3, he made some really powerful tools with any resources available. And without suit, he entered the enemy house. If everything would taken from him, he can build anything again. Similarly, in life we becoming overdependent on technology like mobile phones, calculator, etc. We should also be able to do work without them.

Life lessons from Tony Stark
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Know your value-

Everyone knows this scene-
Cap- Big man in a suit armor, take that away and what are you?
Tony- A genius, billionaire, playboy and philanthropist.
He know his value and he was never frighten to say that he was iron man. We should always know our value.

Life lessons from Tony Stark
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Utilize your free time-

Tony would always utilize his free time doing mechanical work and upgrading his suit. He always utilized his time on doing something productive. He used his all free time in making new suits and even he made suit for his friend Rhodes and also for Spider man and also made EDITH technology and many more. Always utilize your free time in doing something productive


Not doubt why Tony is so loved frictional character. His life is really interesting and inspiring. And surely this lessons we can inherit from him. So, these were the life lessons from Tony Stark.

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