Stage fear

8 Effective ways overcome Stage fear

Stage Fear is  a common problem for many people. Expressing your thoughts to the audience or mob becomes a difficult task for many people. This problem is taking away your excellence from your work life. It becomes essential to overcome your stage fear. The root cause of stage fear is fear of getting judged.

Let’s look at how to over stage fear.

Here are some steps to practice and discard your stage fear completely-

Breathe slowly-

The first and most important thing is to breathe slowly and calm down. Whenever someone is in fear, his/her breathing rate increases. So try to take it easy and breathe slowly. This will really cool you down and make you feel comfortable in that environment.

Stop over thinking-

This habit is the main culprit of the fear.

Stage fear comes to your mind because everytime your mind bangs you with many thoughts like-

“What if I  said something wrong?”

“What will other people think about me?”

“Everyone will judge me.”

Etc. These kinds of thoughts are bombarded on you by your mind. But just say a big NO

 to these kinds of thoughts and don’t overthink it.

Stay positive-

Positive thoughts are really important. Change your fear into positive thoughts.

Say yourself positive words like-

“I can do it.”

“There is nothing to fear for this.”

“This is an easy task.”

Etc. These thoughts will definitely help you to do it better.

Practice makes man perfect-

You just can’t capture this stage fear by searching on google and  watching videos about “how to overcome stage fear?”. This will be a waste until you put it all into practice. Pretend like you are speaking in front of an audience and do practice. Take part in such events to do more and more practice.

Don’t try to be perfect-

Perfectionism is just not possible in reality. Just don’t aim to be perfect. It is fine to make mistakes. And learn from those mistakes. Don’t blame yourself for not being perfect. Just keep learning. This tip will surely help you to express your thoughts more efficiently to mob.

Don’t be stiff-

When you’re on stage, just don’t be stiff. Move freely with open body language. This will show your confidence to the mob. And moving will release your stress. Just relax your body in a confident manner.

Don’t rush, take it slow-

Whenever you are on the stage, your fear will make your mind just  get out of the situation. But take a deep breath when you go on stage and start at a slow pace. Take pauses and look towards everyone. Try to go slow and steady. Speak clearly so that everyone understands what you’re saying.

Face it again and again until it becomes comfortable-

Stage fear wants to be in the comfort zone. This zone is really an evil for you. If you want to destroy stage fear, just face it. Face it until you feel comfortable on the stage. Facing fear is the best solution for fear. Break the Comfort zone of stage fear.

Stage fear is just in your mind. Capture this fear by these tips.

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