Habits that ruins our life

9 Self destructive Habits that ruin our life

Life is a gift of god to us. Our habits plays a major role in our life. Habits decides what we become whether self-constructive or self-destructive. Self destructive habits can completely destroy our life. So, it become very essential to find out these habits that ruins our life and make a solution to discard it one by one.


We have collected some self destructive habits that ruins our life are as follow-

Eating Junk food :

Eating junk foods on regular basis can cause digestive issues, obesity, depression, etc. Overeating SNACKS Habits can cause serious issues like unhealthy weight gain, heart diseases, etc. Habit of not maintaining proper and healthy diet can slow down your metabolism, decrease your energy levels, fatigue, etc. If you have this bad habit than its time to change this habit or you will pay heavy cost on it in future. So, start following proper nutrition and make a analysis about what your body lacks. Make a habit of eating proper diet which includes all essential carbohydrate, fats, proteins, minerals and vitamins. Eat fruits and vegetables which are very essential.


Spending more and not saving:

When you receive salary do you just spend it on movies, parks, eating junk food or on any activity? Do you buy unwanted things? It can completely destroy your future. Spending too much money on unwanted things can make you in debts. Moreover think about your future when you retire would you have enough money to stay? Will their enough money to take responsibility of your kids? Spend how much is essential only and start saving. Investment is also vital to grow your money. Invest your money in stocks, mutual funds, bonds, fixed deposits, etc. Make a proper planning of your budget and Minimize your expenses and maximize your investments.


Saying ‘YES’ to everyone:

Most of us find it very hard to say no to others. We don’t want to disappoint them so we have a habit to say ‘yes’. Unwillingly, we do their work sometimes. This habit is one of the worst and because of this you simply feel the guilt of not saying no. Being a people-pleaser and only serving to others will just waste your time and you will start feeling how exhausting and joyless your life can become. If you have this habit just learn to say ‘no’ when you want to say it. It’s okay to say no. Just define your personal boundaries and do what you like not what you don’t.



It is the challenge faced by many of us. Procrastination leads to wastage of time. Time once lost is lost forever. We live our life for short time. When we keep on procrastinating, time will past very fast and one day we will realize that we have done nothing in our life. Procrastination destroys our productivity and makes us lazy. This habit will make your dreams only a unfulfilled dream. It’s better to understand it and start doing your work without delaying it.

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Being in comfort zone:

Comfort zone can destroy your life. If you don’t get out of comfort zone you will not learn new things, not grow and not develop yourself. You won’t discover true yourself by being in comfort zone. Remember dreams are made in unknown itself. Check out -The Science of breaking comfort zone. You  can break comfort zone in 4 steps.


Not exercising:

Inactive lifestyle can cause various problems to a being. It includes problems like  shorter lifespan, high blood pressure, flabby body, poor posture, weight gain, weakness, depression, low energy level and many more. Not exercising makes you dull. That’s why get out off your cough and do exercises and yoga. Exercising improves your health and increases your energy level, mobility, flexibility, strength, stamina, etc.


Not taking proper rest:

Sleep is the way through which our body takes rest. Human needs 6 hours to 8 hours of sleep every night. Habit of staying late in night, not taking rest, sleepless nights, etc  can have a negative impact on human. Because of improper rest you may suffer from lack of alertness, high blood pressure, depression, heart attack, etc. Healthy Sleeping can make a huge difference in your quality of life.


Not drinking enough water daily:

Water is a critical element of our body because various organs need to function. Habit of not drinking enough water daily can cause problems like dehydration, fatigue, headache, bad breath, frequent illness, constipation, etc. taking care of body is very essential of you will pay huge amount to doctors in future. Hydration is very essential for body to survive. Make sure that you  must drink minimum 2 liters of water daily.


Addiction to mobiles and computers:

Mobiles and computers are the greatest invention in this world. No doubt, both have high utility in our life but addiction to this is the greatest problem faced by everyone now-a-days. We spend huge time on mobiles and computers for playing games, social media, watching movies, etc. Addiction to this devices is the cause of anxiety, loneliness, depression, bad posture, eyes problem and the list goes on. It is fine to use this devices moderately but using it every time is bad habit.

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These are the habits that ruin our life. If you have any of these habits try to eliminate it. The first step to quit any bad habit is to identify it one by one and taking corrective steps to overcome it.

If you know any more habits that can ruin our life comment below and let us know

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