How to overcome distractions_

5 effective tips to overcome distractions

As we all know our mind is very restless. We become distracted very easily and unfortunately we live in the world of distractions. In today’s environment, Maintaining focus and not being distracted is a little bit harder but here we are sharing some tips with you for making this task a quiet easy one and help you to overcome distractions..

         So first of all we need to know how much distraction affects us. Whenever we are doing our work in flow and suddenly are distracted by any of the distractions just for 5 minutes then research says that it takes about 25 minutes to come back to same peak level of focus and productivity. So the 5 minutes of distraction have ruined your 30 minutes and also decreased productivity. So that’s why if you want to increase your focus and also productivity then it’s most important to eliminate distractions to as low as possible.

        Now every person has his own kind of distractions so the first task you have to do is to identify your own distractions! Find out which thing distracts you the most. Is it social media? Or video games, movies or anything else?

     Every person has its own kind of distractions. You might be like how should i overcome these distractions? So let’s have a look on some tips which would help to eliminate distractions easily.

No Distractions
No distractions

Use pen and notepad:-

       Have you ever wondered how many thoughts come to your mind daily? Unlimited thoughts come to our mind in the whole day which is a major reason for being distracted from our work or study. Sometimes our thoughts just get linked to each other and after a while we notice what we are thinking!

       Our mind just starts daydreaming! And it’s natural. So what’s its solution? Solution is quite simple that whenever you study or you are working on any project, keep a pen and paper/notepad. Whenever any irrelevant thought comes to your mind just don’t try to suppress that. Write down that thought on your notepad! Write all the thoughts or tasks that distracts you on the paper and check them out when you have finished your project or study.

        It works on the principle that our mind comes to rest as it is assured that the thought which was distracting has been written down and we would act on that later. Just try this one time and you will be surprised that it really works. Just give it a try it’s really useful for almost everyone.

Manage online world:-

          You have controlled your inner world by writing down your thoughts but what about your online world which is the most distracting factor in today’s life. Whenever you are studying or doing your project, it would distract you a lot as a notification will come in every ten to fifteen minutes! And you will never be able to reach your highest productivity level.

      Well the only solution to it is just get disconnected from online world for a while. Just turn off the internet for 2 hours or 4 hours whenever you study or work! There is no other solution to it!!!! If you are a student and live with your family, just give your phone to your parents and ask them not to give it back till 2 or 4 hours!

      If you are a person who does online study or work online on mobile, then you need to find another option. Also if you can’t turn off internet then you can use certain apps which block the usage of some chosen apps for given time. Set that timer to your work or study time in that app and finish your work.

Plan daily tasks:-

Suppose you are a driver and you have to reach a certain destination by some limited time. If you don’t have roadmap, you are more likely to choose a wrong way and reach your destination later or maybe won’t reach the destination due to lack of map! Well the same principle is in the journey of our life. Decide your DESTINATION and plan your roadmap according to that. When you don’t have any direction where to go then you just waste your time unconsciously. Plan your day the night before and remind yourself all the tasks you need to do in the whole day. It would give you a direction what to do in the whole day. Also set deadlines to your tasks and stick to it.

Basic preparation:-

          Do you know our mind is distracted more by unorganized room or desk? The unorganized things distract mind by seeking visual attention. So just make it a habit to organize your desk before and after study/work. It would help you a lot in maintaining focus effortlessly.

         One more thing is that have you observed yourself being distracted by not keeping all your required resources with you while studying/working. Like sometimes you are in flow and needed something. You stand from the chair and instead of returning back to study you get engaged in some other task! Your study cycle broke just because of the lack of a single thing. So keep all your important things like all books, files, pen, etc with you whenever you start studying or working. Also keep some snacks with you while working. It would help you.

Mind workout:-

Don’t blame distractions!

Improve your FOCUS

This is something that would help you in focusing more in a time. You can improve your focus and protect your mind from distractions by working on your mind. Meditation is the most useful method in this but if you find it a harder you can try a very simple thing. Just focus on your breathing! Do deep breathing in your rest time and believe me just deep breathing would give you a lot of relaxation to your mind.

Bonus tip-

These were some basic tips to eliminate distractions in between your work! But what about the distractions which are not even letting us start our work or study! We are just procrastinating because of our distractions. So a very efficient solution to this problem is 2-Minute rule. This rule will help you to start and all above mentioned ways would help you to be in flow. So just start NOW!


In this way, you can overcome many of your distractions. I hope this article helped you a lot. Let us know what is stopping you from your goal. Hope you all are safe and happy. Be happy. Be safe.

Thanks a lot for reading. Stay tuned for more

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