Should you play PUBG or not?

PUBG i.e. PlayersUnknown’s Battlegrounds is a game which is played by many of youths and teenagers now-a-days. Our society always look this game from negative side. Various news about how PUBG is affecting their mental stage is heard everywhere. Look, every coin has two sides. Similarly PUBG also has positive sides and negative sides. This totally depends on us how we use it. So, big question is “should we play PUBG or not?”

Basically their are three parameters which decides “Should we play PUBG or not?”

PUBG for entertainment purposes:

Entertainment is necessary for our life. It helps us to relax and refresh ourself. PUBG is one of the entertainment media which is now-a-days used by many of them. We know that excessive entertainment is harmful. Similarly being addictive PUBG player has adverse effects. Some of these effects are-

  • Wastage of precious time-

We all know that TIME IS MONEY. When we are playing PUBG for entertainment, we forget the importance of time. Time Management is very essential in life. But since this game is so addictive that we play it again and again and just waste the precious time.

  • Wastage of money on royal passes and UC [virtual money of game]-

UC is virtual money in PUBG. Royal pass, attractive virtual clothes, gun skins, Crates opening, etc can be brought with the help of UC. And PUBG charges money for purchasing UC. Very addictive people will just blindly buy it and waste lot of money on it.

  • Neglecting social activities-

We all know that’ HUMAN IS A SOCIAL ANIMAL.’ When we play PUBG for huge time, we start neglecting social activities and play PUBG instead. This results in social anxiety, less confidence, etc.

  • Health effects like bad posture, eyes pain, body stiffness, etc-

Gaming affects on your body health. Due to playing game just at your own place will make you tired, fatigue, stiff body, etc. It will cause bad posture, eyes pain, etc.

  • Late night games affects your sleeps-

Many children play PUBG late nights. Night sleep schedule get completely affected by this game. This causes sleep disturbance.

  • Focus from dreams and goals vanish away-

It is obvious if you waste your time on playing games you won’t focus on your goals and dreams of life. This will impact your growth and development of life. Your focus will always be on getting Chicken dinner, getting kills, etc in game.

This is how it badly affects you when not played moderately.

PUBG for professional gaming purposes:

Indian gaming community was formed due to this game itself. Competitive gaming came into rise which gives rise to opportunities for youth to become professional gamers. Competitive gamers of PUBG  like Mortal, Scout, Owais,  Ronak, Viper, etc. emerged due to this game. If you want to become a professional player then playing PUBG is fine. You should practice more and more to become a better player. But also maintain a good health and take proper rest also. It is a career option which is emerged for everyone.

PUBG for making Youtube videos and streaming purposes:

Youtube streaming and making videos of PUBG is also trending now-a-days. Players like Carry Minati, Soul Mortal, Hydra Dynamo, Garebooo, etc are Youtube streamers and earn money from this platform. Many videos of this game are getting views in millions. People watches for gameplays, entertainment, tips and tricks, funny videos, etc of this game. If you want to make videos you can play PUBG. Playing this game will be the main key for you to create videos and generate money. This can also be a career option.

PUBG has brought some opportunities in society as well as threats also. If you are a youtuber in this game or a professional player that means you have grabbed opportunities which is making you a living. But if you are extremely addicted to this game and playing for entertainment purposes then time had come to stop playing this game. This game will only give temporary comfort. Don’t skip all happenings of life for PUBG.

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