9 Vital Reasons to read books

Books are written from a long time. Books are like our best friends which never walks away from us. It fills our mind with knowledge. Not doubt physical fitness is important but mental fitness is also very important. Reading books are one type of mental fitness for our mind.Habit of reading books has been on a decline. TV , mobile phones, video games, etc are making us lazy mentally. These things has become a source of attraction because our mind wants comfort and leisure. Reading books makes our mind to think and imaginative. But to avoid a load our mind prefer to these things which are source of entertainment. We should understand this and try to read books to fill our brain with variety of knowledge.

9 Vital Reasons to read books are as follow-

Acquire knowledge :

Everything you read fills the mind with new piece of information. The more knowledge you have, the more able you become to do in the world. Elon Musk learned rocket science by reading books. He is founder of Space X. He credits books which had major role to build his life.


Improve memory:

When you read a book you have to remember the characters and their background, plot , twist and many more which helps to improve your memory. What’s more, with every new memory you create, you create new pathways in your brain and this strengthen the existing ones.


Strengthen critical and analytical thinking:

When you read novels or critical books you come to know various things. Critical thinking is very essential. To be able to solve any problem requires critical thinking and analytical thinking. Books helps to strengthen critical thinking.

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Advance your career :

The more you read, the more you develop your vocabulary. In a professional world, you will be able to speak fluently with fluency. It will add a bonus point in many professions. You will be more confident with the employers.


Improve your writing skills:

As you read books more and more, your vocabulary will become more stronger. The writing of authors, journalist, poets, writers, etc will reflect in your writing. Your improved vocabulary will help you to write your content easily.


Improve focus and concentration:

In our busy life’s our attention is focused on many different directions. Books will increase your concentration power as our focus will be on what we read.


Boost inspiration and motivation

Reading inspirational books will helps you in personal growth. Books of biography of various people will motivate you to achieve something high in your life.


Stimulate imagination:

Whatever you read your mind starts to create it in an imaginary world. Various comic books of marvel, DC, etc creates a scenes of imagination in your mind.

Relaxation technique:

Life is with full of struggles and stress. Book reading helps to relax our mind and it can divert our mind from all our stresses and worries. Book reading can be stress buster for us.


Here are the 9 reasons to read books. Book reading can be developed as a hobby. Books are our true guider, motivator and teacher.
So, I request everyone to read a book at least 10 minute’s a day.

Why should we read books?


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