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Top 18 Quotes From Chicken Joe To Amaze You

Chicken Joe is the main protagonist from the Surfs Up movie. He is an adventure and carefree character and also one of the famous surfers on Pen Gu Island in the movie. Here are the best quotes from Chicken Joe to give you good vibes-

Best Chicken Joe Quotes

1. They treat me as their king and put me in their hot tub. I guess their royal hot tub.

2. They even served me food while I was in there. As great as it was, I still had a vision of my quest.

3. It got all hot and steamy. It really opened up my pores.

4. I’m Chicken Joe. Joseph. It’s long for Joe.
Chicken Joe sayings

5. Squidito on el stickito?

6. So it’s day three. I come across Pen Guans.

7. Cody. I know he’s out here. I can feel it in my nuggets!

8. Whoa! You gotta try this blowhole thing, man! This whale dude is giving me a brain freeze.

9. I can help, though. Except if there’s blood. Just the thought of blood makes me—makes me—.

10. You know, we’ve known each other way back since, like—yesterday, I think it was.

11. Whoa! That cloud looks just like a kitten. Aww.

12. Oh yeah, you guys look hungry. You probably got the munchies or something. Uno momento.

13. Dude, she’s totally into you!

14. No, I’m not from Shiverpool. Dude, I’m from Lake Michigan. That’s where I surf. I was the only one around my town who did it.

15. No way, we get to surf some more?

16. Whoah! You gotta try this blowhole thing, man! This whale dude is giving me a brain freeze.

17. Dude, the jungle is like the most peaceful place on the planet.

18. You are heavier than you look.


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