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Top 17 Motivation-Booster Quotes From The Black Butler Series

Black Butler is one of the popular anime and manga series. It follows the story of a young boy Ciel Phantomhive, who is made head of his family after his parents are murdered. Here are the best quotes from the Black Butler series for a dose of motivation…

Best Black Butler Quotes

1. I have a dream at last. The butterfly trapped in a spiderweb has no wings. That butterfly is… me. ~Alois Trancy

2. There’s nothing more deceiving than an obvious truth. ~Ciel Phantomhive
Black Butler quote

3. How sad it would be if laughter should disappear. ~Undertaker

4. When something is gone, it will never return. ~Ciel Phantomhive

5. Forget about revenge, and live on. ~Ciel Phantomhive

6. We as humans have the power to do such, but whether we grab on to the thread or not is a choice we make. ~Ciel Phantomhive

7. Love means money these days. ~Ciel Phantomhive

8. Everyone, everything is happy! ~Alois Trancy

9. The hungrier one is, the more satisfying one’s dinner. ~Sebastian MichaelisBlack Butler captions

10. To hate something that you used to love is such a painful feeling. ~Ciel Phantomhive

11. Life isn’t that sweet. That’s why everyone wants sweet things. ~Undertaker

12. Love is a magnificent thing but, incidentally, it can also give birth to dreadful tragedy. ~Vincent Phantomhive

13. If you stick to a “lie”, it’ll eventually become the “truth”. ~Ciel Phantomhive

14. Words are cheap. There’s no guarantee she won’t tell anyone. Humans lie without a second thought. Including me, of course. ~Ciel Phantomhive

15. If we are to die one day, wouldn’t it be better to have no regrets? ~Ciel PhantomhiveBlack Butler sayings

16. I was born to end up alone. ~Ciel Phantomhive

17. A good man’s past makes people curious! But if he’s a bad man, then it makes me wanna see even more! ~Grell Sutcliff


These were the best quotes from the Black Butler series. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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