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Top 12 Mastermind Yoichi Isagi Quotes Of Blue Lock

Yoichi Isagi is the leading character in the Blue Lock anime. He participates in a program called ‘Blue Lock’ and aims to become the greatest Football striker. Let’s explore the best quotes from Yoichi Isagi that are highly inspiring…

Best Yoichi Isagi Quotes

1. Football is a sport played with 11 people. So, one person can’t win on their own. Football isn’t just for one… One for all.

2. I crushed… the dreams of these eleven people. My goal did this. What is this feeling? It’s so good.

3. With these eyes and my brain, I can foresee the future of this field! I will use this power to score my goal!

4. The difference between me and Rin is the difference in our resolve to accept. I sure am lame. I thought I’d finally reached Rin. No, I even thought I’d won against him. I lost to him, and was just picked to go on! I have to accept that reality!

5. As if someone who crawls in front of us could ever be the best in the world.

Yoichi Isagi lines

Inspiring Quotes and Lines From Yoichi Isagi

6. Shut the f**k up genius I’m on a roll right now.

7. I will change the zero of this command to one!

8. I want to win! It’s time to be reborn!

9. Where there are winners, there are losers. If I want to fulfill my dream, I have to crush someone else’s.

10. If you are not ready to put everything on the line, then you will never fulfill your dream!

11. In order to win against Rin, I have to become a newer version of myself!

12. If you don’t see the light towards the goal, you must be that light.

Final Words

These were the compiled collection of quotes from Yoichi Isagi. Blue Lock is one of the entertaining sports anime. We hope that you enjoyed these quotes and share it with anime lovers.

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