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Top 25 Badass Quotes From Satoru Gojo That Are Epic

Satoru Gojo is one of the leading characters from the Jujutsu Kaisen anime. The anime features him as one of the strongest characters and a mentor to some of his students. He is highly powerful and composed even in stressful situations. Let’s explore some of the best collection of Satoru Gojo quotes that are just epic…

Best Satoru Gojo Quotes

1. Dying to win and risking death to win are completely different, Megumi.

2. Searching for someone to blame is just a pain.

3. I’ve always been a nice guy who cares for my students.

4. But no matter how many allies you have around you, when you die, you’ll be alone.

5. It’ll be fine. I’m the strongest there is, after all.

6. Me, a target of the great Sukuna? What an honor!

7. That guy Yuji … He’s crazy up here. Today, I wanna see … How crazy she can get.

8. Maybe I should just kill all the higher-ups.

9. When granted everything, you can’t do anything.

10. Love is the most twisted curse of all.

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11. I’m gonna reset this crappy Jujutsu world. It’d be easy to kill everyone who’s in charge. But someone else would just take their place. Nothing would change. And it’s not as if people approve of massacres anyway… So that’s why I’m turning to education. I need strong and intelligent allies. I need to foster them.

Epic Gojo Quotes And Captions

12. I refuse to keep this kid from living the best years of his life. Not just him, but everyone.

13. Throughout heaven and Earth … I alone am the honored one.

14. We should be good since you’re so weak.

15. The wave of power that you guys have been ignoring to maintain your status and in the name of stupid traditions has gotten huge and is approaching.

16. It pisses me off how high-and-mighty old folks are these days.

17. Looks like time doesn’t pass here. Crap I messed up. This could be trouble. Whatever. It’ll be fine. I have faith in everyone.

18. Yeah, maybe it’s a good night for me. But it’s about time for you to wake up. How are you gonna let yourself get used like that Suguru?

19. It looks like just being strong isn’t enough. I can only save those who are prepared to be saved.

Best Gojo One-Liner Quotes

20. You have to be strong enough not to leave me behind.Satoru Gojo captions

21. Let’s get a little crazy.

22. My soul denies it.

23. Didn’t you learn that studying is important?

24. My student’s watching, so I’m going to show off a little.

25. Who’re you calling nothing special?

Final Words

These were the compiled collection of quotes from Satoru Gojo. He is one of the badass characters from the anime and a powerful being. Being one of the leading characters always has epic liners and captions.

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