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Top 10 Jinpachi Ego Quotes From The Genius Mind

Jinpachi Ego is the coach who launched a program called Blue Lock to get the most egoist striker for the national team. He is the supporting character from the Blue Lock anime. Let’s explore the best quotes from Jinpachi Ego to inspire you…

Best Jinpachi Ego Quotes

1. Nonsense? It is nonsensical indeed. But then, so is the world. Either you win or you lose. While you were getting excited over your mediocre successes, true strikers tread a path of winning or losing everything. Every single day, in order to keep on surviving.

2. You will not become the greatest strikers in the world unless you have the ego to match.

3. From you 300 players gathered here today, I will forge the best striker in the world through a certain project.

4. While you were getting excited over your mediocre successes, true strikers tread a path over winning or losing everything.

5. The existence of one outstanding player can create a spiral of rivalry. That’s Blue Lock.

Inspiring Lines and Captions from Jinpachi Ego

6. Your talent is a fierce gemstone that turns into worthless complacency if you don’t polish it.

7. Abandon all common sense. On the field, you are the star.” – Jinpachi Ego

8. Congratulations, you unpolished gems. All you Under-18 strikers have been chosen solely based on my criteria and biases to be here. All 300 of you. I am Jinpachi Ego. My job is to make Japan a team capable of winning the World Cup.

9. A striker carries all responsibilities on his back. A striker is the one who keeps on attacking until the very second.

10. You grew up in tepid Japan, where you can still survive even if you fail at soccer. Since you guys will never reach the same point as them… I created Blue Lock… to give you that level of ‘goal hunger’. That hunger will become an ego that will change the world.

Final Words

These were the best quotes from Jinpachi Ego. His lines and quotes increased the motivation of all the participants and players in the Blue Lock Program.

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