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Top 12 Quotes By Vijay Kedia That Give Valuable Lessons Of Market

Vijay Kedia is an Indian investor and trader. He invests in Indian equities.  His company is named Kedia Securities Pvt. Ltd. Kedia started his investing career at the age of 19. His portfolio includes shares of companies like Tejas Networks, Mahindra Holidays, Ramco Systems, Heritage Foods, and others. Here are the best quotes from Vijay Kedia which will give you meaningful lessons on the stock market and investing-

Invest like a bull, sit like a bear, and watch like an eagle. (mantra for long term investing)
best vijay kedia quotes

Investing is like Yoga. Body, mind, and soul have to be aligned.investing quotes from vijay kedia

Market rewards you as per your perception.stock market quotes

Regret is a lifestyle disease of equity investing.vijay kedia best quotes

Chase the story behind the stock, not the money on the table. Money will make you rich, but the story will make you wealthy.vijay kedia best quotes

Better to lose money in a good company rather than making money in a bad one.vijay kedia investing quotes

Don’t always trust what you see. In a bull market, even a duck looks like a swan.investing quotes

Investment is somewhat like cricket, where you change your game plan as per the format.vijay kedia quotes wallpaper

If you keep trying to hit a four but you keep on getting only one run. Then chances are when you will hit a six you will get caught.vijay kedia captions

Multibagger mantra; find companies which are small in size: Medium in experience Large in aspiration & having an extra large market potential.vijay kedia best quotes

3 qualities of a good investor;

Knowledge Courage & Patience.vijay kedia sayings

When we are right, we earn. When we are wrong, we learn.quotes from vijay kedia

These were the best quotes from Vijay Kedia. He is one of the ace investors in the Indian Stock Market. These quotes will definitely help the stock market enthusiasts to get some valuable lessons.

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