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Top 10 Quotes From The Self-Made Entrepreneur- Gautam Adani

Gautam Adani is an Indian Billionaire entrepreneur, industrialist, and philanthropist. He is the founder and chairman of Adani Group. Adani is a first-generation entrepreneur. His businesses operate in sectors like ports, logistics, energy, mining, defense, airports, transmission, etc. According to Forbes, his net worth is more than $70 Billion approx as of 2021. Here are the best quotes from Gautam Adani which will inspire your inner entrepreneur-

Being an entrepreneur is my dream job, as it tests one’s tenacity.
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Business is all about risk-taking and managing uncertainties and turbulence.gautam adani sayings

Either you are extrovert or introvert, and so I am an introvert in that sense. I’m not a social person that wants to go to parties.adani words

Either you sit on the pile of cash, or you continue to quotes from adani

I am not attracted to those politicians who are short on vision and only want to make money. I like those who have vision.quotes by adani

Along with opportunities, there also exist many other tricky and complex issues to be managed in India. These include tackling both policy-level challenges and infrastructure challenges.quotes from gautam adani

My investment strategy, which is to focus on sectors that are a national priority for India, hasn’t changed.adani best quotes

Every economic opinion is associated with a set of assumptions.adani sayings

I analyze in my own way, in very simple, no-jargon language. If somebody is talking in a very complicated way, I never like that.adani thoughts

Infrastructure sector is all about building assets for the country. It is part of nation-building.adani quotes


These were the best quotes from Gautam Adani. He is a man who is an inspiration for all of us. He is the business tycoon of India. If you liked this article make sure to share it with your friends.

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