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Top 25 Amazing Quotes From Paarthurnax For Gamers

Paarthurnax is a gaming character from the Elder Scrolls game. It is a 10th-level character in the role-playing game of The Elder Scrolls. It is an ancient dragon and leader of the Greybeards. Let’s explore the best quotes from Paarthurnax for all gaming lovers to enjoy…

Best Paarthurnax Quotes

1. Patience. I am answering in my way.

2. The curse of much knowledge is often indecision.

3. Defeat by not victory.

4. Feel it in your bones. Match it if you are Dovahkiin!

5. I can be trusted. I know this, but they do not.

6. It is an… artifact from outside time. It does not exist, but it has always existed.

7. Just because you can do a thing, does not always mean you should.

8. Greetings, traveler. I am Paarthurnax.

9. What is better: to be born good or to overcome your evil nature through great effort?

10. He is too strong on the wing! Bring him to gol with Dragonrend!

Best Paarthurnax Captions

11. I have overcome my nature only through meditation and long study of the Way of the Voice.

12. This is the most sacred mountain in Skyrim. The great mountain of the world.

13. They were mighty, in their day.

14. It was the Kel – the Elder Scroll. They used it to… cast him adrift on the currents of Time.

15. If you can see your destiny clearly, your sight is clearer than mine.

16. There is no distinction between debate and combat to a dragon.

17. Alduin was not truly defeated, either. If he was, you would not be here today, seeking to… defeat him.

Epic Paarthurnax  Lines For Skyrim Fans

18. You are bold, wunduniik. You dare enter a Dovah’s home without permission.

19. They see me as master.

20. The Nords of those days used the Dragonrend Shout to cripple Alduin. But this was not enough.

21. No day goes by where I am not tempted to return to my inborn nature. Honor is fighting the lure of power..

22. Here the ancient Tongues, the first mortal masters of the Voice, brought Alduin to battle and defeated him.

23. Elder Scrolls, as you name them, they have often been used for prophecy. Yes, your prophecy comes from an Elder Scroll.

24. Even to attempt to defeat Alduin… might heroes. The Nords have had many heroes since, but none greater.

25. Dragons were created for domination. We were made to dominate. The will to power is in our blood. You feel it in yourself, do you not?

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