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Top 23 Amazing Quotes and Voice Lines From Zhongli

Zhongli is a gaming character from the Genshin Impact game. It is one of the renowned Role-Playing games in the market that has captivating characters. Among them, one is Zhongli. Let’s explore the best collection of quotes from Zhongli that are worth exploring…

Best Zhongli Quotes

1. You should know that all power comes at a price. For every bit of power you gain, so too do you gain more responsibility.

2. You and I have a contract, so feel free to discuss anything at all within the scope of said contract.

3. You’re slurring a little. Wait a moment, I’ll brew a pot of sobering tea. It’ll be ready in only six hours.

4. Contracts cannot be used to define friendship, nor measure sentiment. So just what can we use to measure the weight of our emotions?

5. Every journey has its final day. Don’t rush!
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6. I hope today too shall be prosperous.

7. Gold is Liyue’s treasure. It is the blood that runs through her heart. As for whether your own heart shines like gold – we will have to wait and see.

8. Osmanthus wine tastes the same as I remember… but where are those who share the memory?

9. Trade relies on both contracts and fairness. There is one thing you must never forget when making and abiding by a contract: if fairness is lost, then the contract shall become proof of one’s deception.

10. When the door opens, it is time to leave.

11. There is no need to be hasty. We can take our time.

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Deep Zhongli Quotes And Lines

12. War, peace, or the trivial turning of pages in a book… They are all governed by fate.

13. One must be grounded in the present while contemplating the past, lest they stumble in the future.

14. The darkness in the world is spreading, but it cannot extinguish the light.

15. Everything has its own place and purpose under the heavens.

16. Do not resist fate’s design. Your life is but a part of the divine plan.

17. Life is but a brief flash in eternity. And yet, in this moment, we shine.

18. In the end, mortals are merely puppets of fate.

19. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes. They are the stepping stones to success.

20. Be kind to yourself and to others. The world needs more kindness.

21. Be grateful for what you have. There are always people who have less than you.

22. You speak of the young Gulli Plains…still fulfilling this duty to this very day.

23. The market is closed, and the port has settled. Go get some rest.

Final Words

These were the compiled collection of quotes from Zhongli. We hope that these were the absolute entertainers for your gaming spirit.

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