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Top 27 Best StarCraft Quotes For All Gaming Lovers

StarCraft is one of the iconic games for all gaming lovers. The game was debuted in the year 1996. It is one of the nostalgia games. Let us check out the best quotes from the StarCraft games that are nothing for all gaming lovers…

Best StarCraft Quotes

1. We require more minerals. ~In-game resource notification

2. My life for Aiur! ~Protoss Zealot

3. For the Swarm! ~Sarah Kerrigan

4. This is Jimmy. ~Jim Raynor

5. Additional supply depots required. ~In-game notification

6. Reinforcements have arrived. ~In-game notification

7. You must construct additional pylons. ~In-game notification

8. The Zerg swarm is a force unlike any the galaxy has ever witnessed. ~Overmind

9. Base is under attack. ~In-game warning notification

10. Our enemies shall fall. ~Protoss Archon

12. Executor, I bring news most dire. ~Zeratul

13. Carrier has arrived. ~Protoss Carrier

14. Need a light? ~Terran Firebat

15. Nuclear launch detected. ~In-game warning

16. Spawn more Overlords. ~In-game notification

17. We are under attack! ~In-game warning

18. You require more vespene gas. ~In-game resource notification

Starcraft 2 Quotes

19. We are without limit. ~Protoss Immortal

20. Hell, it’s about time. ~Jim Raynor

21. Death comes to all. ~Zeratul

22. We sense a soul in search of answers. ~Protoss Dark Templar

23. For the Swarm! ~Sarah Kerrigan

24. Mineral field depleted. ~In-game notification

25. Our forces are under attack! ~In-game warning

26. Give us your command. ~Terran Marine

27. Our Reavers shall destroy them! ~Protoss Reaver

These were the best quotes and captions about the StarCraft game. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and make sure to share it with your friends.

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