How to stop procrastination

11 ways to stop procrastination

Successful people are those who do two things- dream big and take action to fulfill them after dreaming. Many people also think big and have big dreams, but their dreams always remain a dream because they don’t take the necessary steps. Why is it that people dream of various things, but fails to execute the work and the cycle of procrastinating goes on? Taking steps to stop procrastination is very essential. So, to break the vicious cycles here are 11 ways to stop procrastination-

Write down your dreams and work

Write down your dreams and organize them and also write together what you have to do to fulfill that dream. From this it happens that once or everyday you write your purpose or dream and remember it. And new thoughts related to that come in your mind which helps you do what you want to achieve.  It will be very beneficial for you.  With which you will remember your purpose and you will also stay away from laziness.

A study suggests that writing down your dreams and goals will makes it 42% likely to achieve your dreams and goals. Here is how writing down is so powerful technique and a set reminder for your purpose.

Change your mindset and thinking

You might have big goals and big dreams, but a negative perspective towards it like “I can’t achieve it” or your any negative thoughts towards it is just stopping you to do the work. Negative thinking is just letting you down from doing the work.

Dreams come true
Dreams come true

Remember this, and change your mindset completely. Check- How to be a positive person? To find out how you can change you’re thinking to positive. If you start thinking positive you will always try to do things. Hence your mindset matters the most to do anything.

The power of setting a deadline

I have experienced the power of setting a deadline. Whenever teacher gives us a deadline for submitting a project report, you might just sit a complete night before the deadline and complete the project report. (For most of them)You won’t complete a single thing, until the deadline come near. When deadlines are set we tend to do it more quickly. So, use this trick to get the things done.

Make a proper routine

The main reason of procrastination is not being well organized. When you have no fix schedule or routine, you will mix up things and no work will go with proper flow. Hence, you will start procrastinating. So, make a proper schedule and start following it.

Click here to find out How to reschedule your routine? Following a proper schedule will reduce our wastage of time and utilize your time properly. Being organized will clear your mind about what you have to do and not.

Small steps, big results

Most of you are in a big illusion. People just think about dreams and goals. Taking small step is so necessary to get started. We won’t take steps, so how would we get the results? Take your first step, and then start taking small steps daily, you will start seeing the big results from your small steps. To stop the procrastination you have to just take small steps. It will instantly solve your problem and give big results.

Make a helpdesk for yourself

Make a friend or anyone who is there for you anytime. When you go on the wrong path or forget about your goals. They will be there for you to bring back you on track. Yes, the main thing is that choose a right person for it. He will hold the responsibility for your goals. A help from him will always be beneficial for you when you are confused in things. A person to guide is always helpful

Make work interesting

People find things difficult to do that are too boring for them such as reading books, learning a new skill, getting up early in the morning, exercising, etc. Due to the factor of boringness they will procrastinate the things. We know very well how beneficial all these habits are.  But it is very difficult to bring all these habits into your life. For this, you have to bring interest in doing these things.

For example, you can start the habit of reading books by reading books of some good book in which you are interested and which you can read without any hindrance (like reading a comic book). This strategy will build you habit for it.

Reward yourself

Rightly reward yourself does not mean some big reward. Rather, it is that you want to do the work that you want to do and do much better than that. So for this you keep a reward which you will give yourself on completing the work. This will mean that your work will be good and at the same time I will feel like doing that work again. You can reward yourself like if I complete this work, I will buy my favorite chocolate. In this way give yourself small rewards to complete tasks.

Keep getting inspired

Motivation is very essential to get things done. This keeps you excited and more excited for doing things which is very beneficial for your purpose. You can take inspiration and knowledge from Instagram and YouTube.  Motivation is important for this because many times in life there is such a time that you are not able to fulfill your purpose, losing from failure.  And in this very difficult time, inspiration helps you once again to get full of enthusiasm.

There are many motivational speakers which can inspire you like Tony Robbins, Robert Kiyosaki, Sandeep Maheshwari, etc

Get rid of your distractions

Games like Pubg, Call of duty, etc, social media, chatting, watching YouTube videos, etc are the causes of your laziness and are the biggest enemies of those who want to make something in life.

I’m not saying that these things are just distractions and waste of time. Everything has its advantages and disadvantages. But it depends on how to use these platforms. If you are only consuming on these platform for fund and enjoyment, then it will waste your heck of the time. Try to identify such distraction and get rid of it. Identity what’s your comfort zone and get out of it,

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3…2…1… rule

Here is a bonus tip to reduce your procrastination. If you see yourself procrastinating for any work, just say 3…2…1… and start doing that work without thinking about anything. This rule is so effective that you won’t waste any of your time and start completing your work. This tool is really powerful and effective for all procrastinators. Whatever your reason might be for not doing work by saying 3…2…1… you just have to do that work. It is a method to reduce your excuses and reason.

Just remember these 11 ways to stop procrastination will be effective only on one condition i.e. if you take necessary practical steps on it. So, take these steps and you will definitely see results.

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