6 ways to increase your IQ

Top 6 Best Ways to increase your IQ

We all are very familiar with the term Intelligence Quotient (IQ) which is basically the measure of how intelligent someone is. But have you ever wondered that you can increase your IQ! Many people escape from this reality and consider IQ as something which can never be changed! But researches and studies had shown that a person can change his IQ LEVEL of brain. Let’s see 6 ways to your increase your IQ

1. You need to believe:-

              First of all, you need to believe that your Mind’s IQ level can be increased by your conscious efforts. Many studies had shown that we can change our IQ level if we do efforts for it. It’s not something which is constant always. Have you ever wondered that some people have high intelligence and can do the same task more efficiently in less time? You can also become like them but for that you need to invest in your mind. You need to believe that you are not any person who is less intelligent; and just need to unlock your brain’s potential and its Intelligence.

               Also you need to know that if we increase our IQ, then our Problem solving skills, Decision making ability, Memory skills all will also increase and it helps us to become a smarter person than before. You will be able to retain more information in your brain. Also you would be able to make accurate and quick decision at any stage of your life. An increased IQ helps in every domain of your life. If you need to do a lot of hard work, then you need to work on your IQ to get things done easier! You need to invest in your brain and its capability.


"Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe."
Quote by Abraham Lincoln

So investing in your brain never leaves you regretting your decision. You just need to believe first that you can become smarter than you are now. Now here you go.

2. Make new neural connections:-

     It’s a bit scientific but let me explain it in simple language. Our human brain is used to do things in fix patterns and they become habits over a time. Now your brain needs not to think how to do those certain things which you do on regular basis. The process of doing these things have been stored in your subconscious mind in a form of neural connections. Neural connections are related to our thinking skill and our brain doesn’t need to think once it becomes our habit. Now your mind knows how to do certain things due to stored information in it in form of neural connections.

          Our brain needs to think whenever we do some new things. Our mind needs to make new neural connections and making new connections develop our brain and helps in increasing our IQ. So basically the key to increase IQ or your brain is to do things in unusual manner which triggers the mind to think in new way and develop itself.

           Doing daily routine works like brushing with your non- dominating hand forces the brain to make new neural connections. One more example can be practice writing with non-dominating hand. There are many tasks in the day which you do in unusual manner which will help you improving your brain with doing no extra work.

        Some other tasks which can help in it are remembering mobile numbers as much as you can and reminding them again after a certain time. Another task can be counting numbers in reverse order and with as much speed as possible. Also doing other tasks in reverse order would help.

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3. Play brain storming Games:-

          Our human brain finds game more interesting than other things as it provides us instant feedback. So we can use some specific games to improve our brain with no much extra effort. I would recommend you playing some games in which CHESS is on top.

       Chess is no doubt the best game for our brain. It helps us using our thinking capacity to its highest potential. It uses both sides of our brain and increases our IQ when played consistently. If you don’t know how to play Chess, I would recommend learning it as it’s the best for your mind. This game deals with your problem solving skills, decision making ability and visualization all in one time. You can also play it online as many apps are available now. Also you can challenge your friend and play with them online which would make it more interesting.

        Secondly I would recommend you to solve puzzles or Sudoku. In the modern world we are blessed with technology and can use it in our development a lot. Search for the best puzzle that suits you and enjoy playing them. I would recommend you a game named “Move The Block” which is available on Playstore which would help you in problem solving skills.

         You can also buy Cube and solve it in your free time. It also helps in problem solving skills. A spinner is a good option for increasing your concentration span.

       These all are great ways to invest in your mind. Just choose which is of your interest and enjoy playing.

4. Improving your Imagination:-

        Your imagination and visualization power plays a significant role in your IQ. You will become a visionary person if your visualization power is strong. You will be able to think long term and visualize many things of future. Improving your imagination power certainly helps you in your IQ.

          Reading story books or novels plays a significant role in improving your imagination power. Imagination skill can be developed by imagining whatever is going in the novel. Fictional books or novels will help you to visualize things in real life also. Just experience it, it is a great experience reading novels and imagining them in real life. I would suggest starting with the most interesting and top recommended book – “The Alchemist” .

You can read books offline as well as online on application like Kindle. If you read on this app, I would recommend you to eliminate all other distractions in phone because imagination is never developed if you get distracted frequently.

5. Learn something new:-

It’s also a great way to develop yourself and also develop your brain.  Try new things as much as possible based on your interest. Learn to play a new instrument if you are a music lover. Learn to play a new video game if you love playing video games. Learning a new language also helps you to grow your mind. Learn to drive. Learn to swim. You can learn a lot new things which not only help you in improving brain but also help you in developing as an individual.

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6. Healthy lifestyle:-

    “A healthy mind resides in a healthy body”

  We have heard this quote a lot. But still we procrastinate healthy lifestyle. Eating healthy and doing simple exercise are enough for a healthy mind and body.

          If you want to increase your Brain power then you should be taking care of what you eat. Specifically your breakfast should be protein rich.  Also avoid junk food as much as possible and try to skip it completely. You should adopt healthy diet as it has direct effect on your brain.

     Also reduce the intakes of caffeine as low as possible. Increase the water consumption in your daily lifestyle. Drink water as much as you can. It has great benefits in developing your brain. Take short naps which keeps you refresh and enables you to use your full potential.

      Also doing high cardio exercises help to regulate blood flow & oxygen flow to your brain which helps you in increasing your brain power. The supply of oxygen to your brain determines your thinking capability. If the oxygen supply to your brain is less you won’t able to think and memorize more and you are more likely to give up tasks which require high thinking. No willpower will work there for long-time as oxygen is essential for your brain to function. So focus on doing some exercise which increase blood circulation and oxygen supply to your brain like Swimming, Running, Brisk walking, Yoga, Deep breathing, Aerobics.  You don’t need much time to invest in these exercises. Only 15 minutes daily can bring a significant change in your lifestyle. It is most essential in improving your mind. Try it and make it a habit.


           The basic of growing your mind and increasing your IQ lies in how much you use your brain. Simply use your brain to its highest potential. Use it as much as you can. The more your brain remains alert, the more it grows. Do more of things which require your presence of mind. It can be anything based on your interest. Use your mind more and more and see it growing.


So all you need to do for improving your IQ or brain capacity is believing that your brain has unlimited potential and you just need to unlock that potential. Your IQ and brain skills like problem solving and decision making can be improved by certain efforts like Doing things in unusual pattern and making new neural connections in your mind. Playing brain games also helps a lot. Reading and improving your visualization is also a good way to improve. And the most important thing is doing aerobic exercise consistently for only 15 minutes so that your brain has enough oxygen to use and develop itself. Doing exercise is most important as another thing will be ineffective in lack of oxygen supply to your brain.

And you need not to do all these things to grow your mind. Just choose some things based on your convenience but do these consistently. Remember, No overnight change is possible. It would take time and worth it also.

Hope this article helped you a lot. If you have any query or ideas on which you want us to write on, Just comment it below and we will consider it as soon as possible.


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