How to increase your productivity

6 Practical ways to increase your productivity

Productivity of a person is basically a measure of efficiency in any work. Your productivity becomes crucial when you need to achieve a lot in less time! There are 2 ways to achieve better results in any work. Either spend more hours on that work or work smarter with more productivity. I would prefer the latter one.

         So basically first of all we need to know the importance of productivity in any work! One of the benefits of increasing the productivity is our saved time. Imagine getting a stuff of 4 hours done only in 2 hours! You would never run out of time and can achieve much more results in the same time. Also you would become smarter and do more work by saving your precious time.


Quote about productivity
Quote about productivity

   So here are 6 practical ways to increase your productivity-

1. Plan your day the night before:-

                         Creating a to-do list would be the most productive habit for you. Just make a list of all the tasks you need to get done before going to sleep the previous day. This would give you an idea of the work you need to do in the whole day and would keep you organized in terms of your time. Also prioritize all your tasks so that you should know which task is important and needed to done before than others.

2. Work on your focus:-

                         Many people complain that they can’t focus well on their work! But fortunately it’s only their own limiting belief! In real, FOCUS is a MUSCLE & everyone can build it by working on it. I am not saying here about focusing on a task for long hours. Instead just take some regular breaks but all you need to take care is whenever you are doing your work; just do that with your full concentration in that. You will be amazed by the results!

         Some ways to increase your focus span is to meditate and do exercise regularly.

3. Eliminate distractions:-

                   You would never be at your peak level of focus or performance if you keep distracting by unlimited number of existing distractions. If you want to be productive then you must win your Distractions. Otherwise you are never going to be productive. Some most practical tips for overcoming your distractions are Here.

4. Take Regular Breaks:-

                 We can’t achieve more by working longer continuous hours. In fact our productivity level decreases as we work for longer hours without any break. Our mind needs rest for functioning at its optimum level. So if you want to achieve better results; you should be taking a small break after a fixed regular interval of time. Taking a short break in the middle of a long task relaxes and reenergizes the brain.

     According to researches, we should be taking a small break of 5-10 minutes every hour or half an hour. For example, Just assume we need to work for some 4 hours then the best would be to work 25 minutes and then a 5 minutes small break and so on. Take a big break of 15-20 minutes after every 2 hours. It’s just an example you can set your own time.

      But what to do in the break? Many people do mistake here. They start scrolling their social media and forget to returning to work So be careful in it. Try to avoid using social media in this break. This break is for relaxing your mind and social media is not what we are supposed to do in this break. Best things to do in this break for relaxing your mind are Deep breathing, Stretching your body, listening to your favorite song, Just calming your mind, etc.

5. Stop multitasking:-

                Today most people have fallen for the trap of multitasking. They do more than one task at same time for being more productive but by this they end up taking more time with less productive results. Actually human mind is made for doing only one task at a time and it can focus only on one at a single time. If we do more than one task then it just switches our focus from one task to another. Instead we should be doing a single task and complete it in less time with using our full focus and switching to another only after finishing the first one. Also multitasking results in less focus on long term and our mind becomes more restless. Also it prevents us to give our best performance in a single task as we can’t focus on one for long time. So make it a habit to do one thing at a time and Stop Multitasking.

6. Eat that Frog:-

Mark twain quotes
Quote by Mark Twain

Brian Tracy developed a technique based on this quote. According to this famous technique, He suggests to finish the most important and crucial work before all other tasks of your to-do list. The frog represents here that important task. Make it a lifelong habit to do your most important task in the beginning of the day so that a mental burden would be finished right in the beginning of the day. Discipline yourself to begin immediately and then continue until the task is complete.


         All you need to do for being productive is to follow these rules with self discipline and you will definitely get results. Start with planning your whole day the night before and put your full focus on the work. Don’t forget to take Regular Breaks. Avoid distractions as much as possible for best results. Remember Multitasking is a myth and leave it as soon as possible. Eat that Frog will also help you in being productive whole day.

        Also I would recommend working on your own mind and becoming smarter in every field of your life using these 6 ways to increase your IQ.

Hope this article helped you in upgrading yourself. If you have any query related to this article then use the comment section right below to ask. We would be looking forward for your suggestions and feedback in the comment section.

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