How to reschedule your routine_

6 Best Ways to Reschedule your Routine


What is the importance of your daily routine?

What these small habits do to our lifestyle?

If you want to reschedule your daily routine then you must know the answer of these questions.

What you do daily is very crucial in creating your future. Your future is directly dependent on what you do today. If you observe the lifestyle of successful people, you’ll notice that they stick to their daily routine every single day. They know the power of these small things done on regular basis. Now the question arises how to reschedule your routine? So here are some tips that will help you in rescheduling your routine are as follow-

Know the importance of daily routine:-

        Daily routine is a very crucial factor in your life. A bad routine leads to failures in life while a good routine makes you a successful person. It’s all about how you spend your day that will decide what you will become in future. Just stop thinking that just a single day would not affect our lifestyle in future. Keep in mind that your daily routine has the most important role in making your future.

“The secret of your future is hidden in your daily routine. “

        Make such a mindset which knows that our every single day is important. Don’t overestimate what we can do in nearby days or months, Just focus on what you have to do in your next 24 hours. Just focus on your present time and future will automatically be bright.

“You will never change your life until you change something you do daily”

Identify your daily routine and its consequences:-

           Now you have understood the importance of our daily routine. Now observe what you do daily. What does your routine consist of? What are the habits you practice daily? Identify the consequences of your routine and habits on your life. Are these habits helping you to become a better version of yourself? Does they helping you to reach your long-term life goals? Are you satisfied with the consequences of your routine? If yes then it’s nice. But if you want to improve it and want to become more productive in your life then you need to change it.

         Notice the habits you practice which are distractions for you. List all the habits which are not good for you and you need to change. Also keep in mind the consequences of your old bad habits which will remind you the reason to change these habits.

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Break your bad habits and develop new good habits:-

          Remember habits are easy to replace than to eliminate. Now you have to slowly change these bad habits but before that find out some main habits which are responsible for other bad habits.

         Let’s take an example that a person remains lazy all day and he doesn’t have the energy to do tasks. He procrastinate important things. The main reason for all these bad habits is his one main bad habit of waking up late. Staying in bed for long time automatically wipes away the energy for doing tasks leaving him unproductive for whole day. Now all he needs to change his routine is to change his that main habit of waking up late. Once he starts to wake up early, he would automatically be more productive and energetic.

      So similarly if we notice there are some main bad habits that are responsible for your bad routine so all you need to do is to trace them and change. Just if you change only these habits, your other habits would automatically be changed. So focus on those main habits.

         You have to develop new good habits in order to break your old bad habits. Focus on changing one habit at a time which is most important and try to develop some new keystone habits like Exercise, Reading, Meditation, Positive self-talk, etc which simply helps you to become more productive person.

Now let’s see how 2-minute rule helps in making new habit easily:-

2 minute rule:-

Now whatever you want to develop as your new habit, just keep in mind it’s easy to change your habit and you will change it. When we start a new habit then it’s a very big task in your mind. Let’s say we want to develop a habit of reading 25 pages per day. It seems hard for our mind to read 25 pages but isn’t it easy to read only 10 pages? Or isn’t it more easy to just set-up your desk, pick-up the book and read only 2 pages!! So here comes a new way to make a new habit. Don’t force yourself in mind that we have to do this big task now! Just say to your mind that we have only to start it. We have just to do the very first step of that big task which is obviously very easy and once you use 2-minute rule and do the first easiest step of the task, then simply continue the task to more time as it is easier now once you are in flow and developed momentum in that task. It becomes very easy to do tasks in this way.

       What we usually do is procrastinate just because it seems very big task. So the solution is break down the task in easier steps and just start doing the first step. Now in this example all you have to think is to set-up the desk, pick the book and read 2 pages and that’s all.

Reward and punish yourself:-

     It is one of the most effective ways to develop any new habit. Humans tend to do things which give them instant reward and pleasures and there are no instant benefits in some productive habit. There are long term benefits of these habits but keeping motivation for long term is hard so reward system is very effective in developing new habit. Now what we have to do is just to link certain habits with certain rewards. Reward yourself with the things you love most.

      One more thing we can add in developing daily routine and new habit is fear. Rewarding yourself on doing that particular task is good but punishing you to not do the same will make it easier to practice. We can use fear of punishment to develop new habit and routine. Punishment can be anything depending upon you. It may be have to skip your favorite show, have to skip eating out your favorite thing or anything depending upon you.

Make a habit tracker journal

        Habits are never formed overnight in a day. Research says that it takes approx. 66 days to develop a new habit. Consistency is important in developing new habits and hence changing your daily routine. Practice self-discipline as it’s the thing that keeps you going when the motivation fades away. You can use any productive habit tracking app and check-in regularly in the app to track your routine. Reward and punish yourself as needed.

Become accountable:-

         Human mind tends to be more accountable to their family members, friends, or any other person in comparison to his own self. So if you want to develop a new habit then tell one or two of your close person about your new habit and ask them to remind you if you are out of track at some point of time. It makes you more accountable to your habit and also helps to keep an eye on your routine.


So these were some tips that will help you to make new habits and change your daily routine easily. Share with other people if you find this article useful. Also drop a comment as a review in the comment section below and let me know if you have any problem in “How to reschedule your routine?”. Hope this article helped you🙌

5 thoughts on “6 Best Ways to Reschedule your Routine”

  1. navjeet Rathore

    impressive one
    really got an idea about the importance of daily routine

  2. navjeet

    impressive one
    really got an idea about the importance of daily routine

  3. Priyanka

    It was really so much beneficial and healing. Please keep writing.. you write amazing stuff… You made me realise the importance of daily routine.. Doing everything at the last moment is not a right thing.. Thank you so much.

  4. Hansha

    Really helpful!! thank you Soo much 😊

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