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Top 27 Badass Quotes From Joshua Graham For Motivation

Joshua Graham is one of the popular gaming characters of the Fall Out video game. The character is a Mormon missionary. He becomes a ruthless and brutal man as he is swept up in Caesar’s rise to power. Let us check out the best badass quotes from Joshua Graham for a dose of motivation and are worth noting it-

Best Joshua Graham Quotes

1. It never stops burning. My skin. Every day, I have to unwind the bandages and replace them with fresh ones.

2. I don’t enjoy killing, but when done righteously, it’s just a chore, like any other.

3. Any society that derives its power and authority from the will of man alone lives apart from God and will crumble in the end.
Joshua graham best quotes

4. Die where you stand!

5. I want to have my revenge. Against him. Against Caesar. I want to call it my own, to make my anger God’s anger. To justify the things I’ve done.

6. Lastly, waging war against good people is bad for the soul. This may not seem important to you now, but it’s the most important thing I’ve said.

7. Stand up and look at what’s come for you!joshua graham quote

8. Make the first shot count. You won’t get a second.

9. For many of us, the road is a difficult one, but the path is always there for us to follow, no matter how many times we may fall.

10. Living in willful ignorance is an ugly thing, but God often speaks loudest in the wild places of his creation, like Zion.

11. Each loss is a new fall of man.joshua graham sayings

12. Every day. Some days are harder than others.

13. In a world filled with misery and uncertainty, it is a great comfort to know that, in the end, there is light in the darkness.

14. When the walls come tumbling down when you lose everything you have, you always have family.

15. Ye have sown death, and so shall ye reap it!

16. Waging war against good people is bad for the soul.joshua graham captions

17. I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me.

18. Caesar would never admit this openly, but he knows I’m alive. I’ve killed enough of his frumentarii and assassins that have come looking.

19. You’re a good neighbor to us. We all go through periods of darkness. In such times, we can turn to the Lord, but it’s good to have friends.

20. When the walls come tumbling down, when you lose everything you have, you always have family.

21. I am the right hand of the Lord and the instrument of his vengeance.

22. Leading in battle became training, punishing, terrorizing. A series of small mistakes before a great fall. And I stayed in that darkness until after Hoover Dam.

23. In the best of all possible worlds, they would just leave us in peace. But they won’t.

24. Sometimes, I tell myself that these wildfires never stop burning. But I’m the one who starts them. Not God. Not them.

25. Love the sinner, hate the sin. With Caesar, it’s often very difficult to see through all of that sin to the person inside.

26. It is one thing to forgive a slap across my cheek, but an insult to the Lord requires—no—it demands correction.

27. Nothing isn’t better or worse than anything. Nothing is just nothing.

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