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Top 10 Epic Quotes From Zenitsu To Amaze You

Zenitsu Agatsuma is one of the leading characters from the Demon Slayer anime series. He has a unique personality. He fears too much but when he falls asleep he fights like lighting with the demons since he uses a thunder-breathing style. Here are the best quotes from Zenitsu Agatsuma to blow your mind…

Best Zenitsu Quotes

1. Gramps did smack me around a bit too much, but he never abandoned me. 

2. I Always Think That I Have To Get My Act Together.

3. I hate myself more than anyone else. 

4. If You Master One, That’s Cause For Celebration.
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5. If I’m Scum, Then You’re Trash.

6. I Can Only Do The First Form, But You Can Do Everything Except That.

7. To Find You, I Just Listened For The Sound Of Complete And Utter Betrayal And Followed That.

8. Don’t Ever Give Up. Even If It’s Painful, Even If It’s Agonizing, Don’t Try To Take The Easy Way Out.

9. If You Can Only Do One Thing, Hone It To Perfection. Hone It To The Utmost Limit!

10. I’ve Protected It. You Told Me… This Is More Important To You… Than Your Own Life.

These were the best quotes from Zenitsu Agatsuma. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of the Demon Slayer Anime.

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