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Top 20 Epic Quotes From Inosuke Hashibira To Blow Your Mind

Inosuke Hasibira is one of the characters from the Demon Slayer anime. He is a highly powerful, flexible, and strong Demon Slayer. It is known that he was raised by boars in his childhood. Here are the best quotes from Inosuke that will blow your mind…

Best Inosuke Hashibira Quotes

1. Stop that crying. And you snap out of it, for crying out loud. We’re gonna train now!

2. When you lose to someone smaller than you, it destroys your soul.

3. Don’t cry even if you have regrets! No matter how pathetic or humiliated you feel, you still have to go on living!

4. You’ve really done it now! And I won’t stand up for it! They protected us!

5. If hell doesn’t exist, I’ll create it for you!
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6. Fate bringing us together really is a miracle. After all, the demon who killed…my mother and my friend…is right before my eyes!

7. Give them back!… Their lives! Everything! Give them back! If you can’t do that…then you’ll pay for it…

8. Being inside the lord is mind-blowing!

9. I’m gonna run outside and race to see who’s faster!

10. It won’t matter once I destroy that thing!

11. Go ahead and do whatever you want!

12. My head will be harder than yours!

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13. Don’t go showering with me your sensitivity and kindness.

14. So that I can become more powerful and soar even higher.

15. I’m the king of mountains. Nice to meet you …God of festivals.

16. There are no shortcuts. Only hard work.Inosuke sayings

17. It’s not about going first; it’s about the overall flow.

18. Train hard and be patient. It will pay off.

19. We’re comrades, and like brothers, so if someone starts to stray from the path, we all stop him.

20. If you were told to believe, you shouldn’t have to think of anything else!

These were the best quotes from Inosuke Hashibira. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of the Demon Slayer Series.

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