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Top 12 Heart-Touching Quotes From Turning Red Movie

Turing Red is an animated movie of Pixar. It follows the story of a 13 year old chinese canadian student named Mei who transforms into a gaint red panda when she gets into a state of strong emotion. Here are the best quotes from the Turing Red movie to blow your mind-

Best Turning Red Movie Quotes

1. The number one rule in my family: Honor your parents. ~Mei

2. The least you can do is by doing every single thing they ask. ~Mei
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3. I accept and embrace all labels. ~Mei

4. Red is a lucky color. ~Jin

5. Look at those glittering delinquents with their gyrations. ~Ming

6. I’m a furry ticking time bomb. ~Meiturning red sayings

7. I’m finally figuring out who I am. But I’m scared it will take me away from you. ~Mei

8. We are 4 Townies, remember? Ride or die! ~Mei

9. You’re our girl, no matter what. Panda or no panda. ~Priya

10. I miss how things were, but nothing stays the same forever. ~Mei

11. We’ve all got a messy, loud, weird part of ourselves hidden away. And a lot of us never let it out. ~Meiquotes from turning red

12. People have all kinds of sides to them, and some of them are messy. ~Jin


These were the best quotes from the Turning Red movie. Hope you liked this quotes and make sure to share it with your friends.

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