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Top 30 Hard-Hitting Quotes About Toxic Family To Walk Away

Growing up in a family which doesn’t care about you and is always rude to you is quite difficult for any person. A toxic family can destroy your mental state and make you depressed. It is always better to walk away from things that disturb you mentally. Here are the best Toxic Family quotes that will hit you hard-

Best Toxic Family Quotes

1. You don’t get to choose your family, but you do get to choose how they’re allowed to treat you. ~Anonymous

2. It’s okay to cut toxic family members out of your life. Blood ain’t thicker than peace of mind. ~Anonymous
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3. When someone is rude and toxic, remember it’s not about you. It’s a reflection of their inner state. ~Anonymous

4. Toxic mothers are image-oriented rather than love-oriented. ~Sherrie Campbell

5. Families always have these unspoken dramas and when at holidays, everyone is supposed to sit down and pretend that none of that is happening. ~Richard LaGravenese

6. It’s not flesh and blood, but the heart which makes us fathers and sons. ~Jonathan Schiller

7. Your heart knows when you have given too many chances. ~Anonymous

8. Families are homes built on a foundation of trust and love. A toxic family can never be home because the foundation doesn’t exist. ~Anonymous

9. The more dysfunctional, the more some family members seek to control the behaviour of others. ~David W. Earle

10. Family is where you’re meant to be most free, don’t let blood chain you down. ~Michelle Meleen

11. Parent-child relationships aren’t created at birth, they’re created in life. ~Anonymoustoxic family sayings

12. When you walk away from a toxic family, you begin the journey of finding your true people. ~Anonymous

13. The longer we ignore red flags, pretend they don’t exist, the more we disconnect from ourselves. ~Sherrie Campbell

14. Saying ‘no’ to a toxic family member shows that you understand what family truly means. ~Anonymous

15. Love them, but don’t let their drama affect your life. ~Anonymous

16. The best revenge against toxic family members is not fighting back. ~Anonymous

17. Love them from a distance. Pray for them, wish them well, but don’t allow them to abuse you. ~Kimber Waul

18. A child should never feel as if they need to earn a mother’s love. ~Sherrie Campbell

19. Love yourself enough to walk away from lies and dramas. ~Anonymous

20. A toxic family is even worse than a toxic relationship. ~Rohan Chouhantoxic family quote

21. These people were meant to raise me, instead, I’ve had to raise them right out of my life. ~Anonymous

22. Toxic parents care more about how you make them look than how you actually feel. ~Anonymous

23. Families must be built on love, trust, and acceptance but dysfunctional families have no such traits, which is why they are what they are. ~Anonymous

24. A family that treats you like an enemy is no family to be proud of at all. ~Anonymous

25. A good family will see your boundaries and move around them, a toxic family won’t even realize they’re there. ~Anonymous

26. Cut them out if all they want is to use you for their personal gain. ~Anonymous

27. Some of the hardest people to cut off are family members. But sometimes, they are the main ones that need to go. ~Anonymous

28. If your family doesn’t treat you the right way, make sure you do. ~Anonymoustoxic family captions

29. Biology shouldn’t be destiny. ~Anonymous

30. Toxic family relationships spoil all other relationships unless you remove the poison before it’s too late. ~Anonymous


These were the best quotes about the Toxic family. Hope you liked this article and remember there are also good people who will always care in the world. So, cut toxicity and focus on peace.

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