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Top 15 Quotes About Love Language To Blow Your Mind

Love is just so beautiful that it cannot be easily defined. We all of us cannot understand the other languages other than the known ones but the love language is an exception. It can be understood by everyone. Here are the best quotes about Love Language to blow your mind…

Best Love Language Quotes

1. The name of a person you love is more than language. ~Tennessee Williams

2. Love is a language that cannot be said, or heard. ~Rumi
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3. Love has a language all it’s own when you speak with your heart, no words are needed. ~VVJ

4. Music is the language of love, nature, and eternity. ~Debasish Mridha

5. Love will heal What language fails to know. ~Donald L. Hicks

6. Speak any language, Turkish, Greek, Persian, Arabic, but always speak with love. ~Rumi

7. Love is the language all animals understand. ~Anthony D. WilliamsLove Language captions

8. Love will find its way through all languages on its own. ~Rumi

9. I love commuting between languages just like I love commuting between cultures and cities. ~Elif Safak

10. Smiles are the language of love. ~David Hare

11. Love is the only language of dance; eternal and beyond worlds. ~Shah Asad RizviLove Language quote

12. A simple smile, a tender touch, speaks the true language of love. ~Dan Fogelberg

13. In love’s country, language doesn’t have its place. Love is mute. ~Rumi

14. There is no language that love does not speak. ~Ella Wheeler WilcoxLove Language sayings

15. Marriage is a language of love, equality, and inclusion. ~Evan Wolfson


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