The Science of escaping Comfort zone

The Science of escaping Comfort zone

What is comfort zone?

Comfort zone is a psychological state where we feel comfortable and at ease. We have everything in our control and no fears. It minimizes stress and risk. The benefits of a comfort zone are regular happiness, low anxiety and reduced stress. Comfort zone is a predictable zone and where one knows what is going to happen.

Why breaking the comfort zone is important?

People get successful in life by making them uncomfortable. Breaking the comfort zone helps you to grow, learn, develop and build yourself. One finds it difficult to come out of comfort zone because of the factor called uncertainty. Uncertainty is a risk where you can fail. The fear of failing stops you from doing anything. This is a wrong perspective when we go in comfort zone there is a 0% chance of developing but when we make ourselves uncomfortable we come around new things which makes us learn various things.

The Science of escaping comfort zone

So it is very essential for us to break the comfort zone. Let us check that how can we break this zone-

The science of escaping Comfort zone is as follow-

1. Realize that everyone is afraid-

 In the world, everyone has some or the other fears like fear of height, fear of social situations, fear of failing, fear of rejection, etc. If you fear from anything, simply don’t pressurize yourself. It’s okay to have fears. Fear is just a normal thing in life and every person has it. Accept the fact that everyone is afraid of something.

Example– Most of us had Stage fear. So just you’re not the one who has Stage fear

2.  Identify what you’re afraid of-

Second step is just a simple step. Just identify your fears, whatever it might and write it down. Make a list of all your fear.

Example– Let us just consider one of my fears that was just Stage fear. I was really afraid of going on Stage for seminar, speech or anything. My confidence and communication skill goes really down when I’m on the stage.

3. Determine why this fear matters to you-

You should identify why this fear is in your.  What are the reasons for you to have fear for this and find out why this fear is important from the life perspective? Identify why this fear is so important that you must conquer it.

Example– Reason for the Stage fear is just people will judge you. The importance of capturing Stage fear is that you must be a confident person on the stage. It makes a lasting impression on others.

4. Identify a small step you can take today-

Execution is a very vital step. So after following these 3 steps, find a small step which you can take to overcome this fear. By taking small steps you make a big pool that helps you to capture the stage fear.

Example– So to capture the stage fear, one can take the step of mirror practicing. Mirror practice will help you to know what mistakes you’re making. Some more steps which you can take are like practicing confidence, practicing body language, practicing eye contact, etc

Comfort zone will make you feel better now but in future you will regret it. Prevention is better than cure. So step up to punch the comfort zone and follow these 4 step. This was the science for escaping the comfort zone

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