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Top 10 Mind-Blowing Quotes From The Tenet Movie For Motivation

Tenet is a science fiction action thriller movie directed by Christopher Nolan. The movie highlights the story of a secret agent who learns to manipulate the flow of time to prevent an attack from the future that threatens to annihilate the present world. It is one of the mind-blowing movies. Here are the best quotes from the Tenet Movie which will blow your mind-

Best Tenet Movie Quotes

1. What’s happened happened. Which is an expression of faith in the mechanics of the world. It’s not an excuse to do nothing. ~Neil

2. Lying is standard operating procedure. ~The Protagonist
tenet best quotes

3. One man’s probability of death is another man’s possibility for a life. ~Andrei Sator

4. You don’t negotiate with a tiger. You admire tiger until it turns on you, and you feel its true f***ing nature! ~Andrei Sator

5. It’s the bomb that didn’t go off. The danger no one knew was real. That’s the bomb with the real power to change the world. ~Neiltenet sayings

6. I’ll see you at the beginning, friend. ~Neil

7. I’m not the man they send to negotiate. Or the man they send to make deals. But I’m the man people talk to. ~The Protagonist

8. We’re the people saving the world from what might have been. The world will never know what could happen. And even if they did, they wouldn’t care. Because no one cares about the bomb that didn’t go off. Only the one that did. ~Neil

9. Each generation looks after its own survival. ~The Protagonisttenet dialogues

10. All I have for you is a gesture, in combination with a word. Tenet. Use it carefully. It’ll open the right doors, but some of the wrong ones, too. ~Victor


These were the best quotes from the Tenet movie. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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