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Top 10 Awesome Quotes From The Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Series

Scott Pilgrim Takes Off is one of the trending series of the year 2023 streaming on Netflix. It is an action-packed animated series based on a novel. Let’s explore the best quotes from the Scott Pilgrim Takes Off series that you would love to check…

Best Scott Pilgrim Takes Off Quotes

1. Because I’ll have a lot of trouble saying it later, let me say it now. I love you, Scott. And I run away from the thing that I love. But what I’ve done in the past doesn’t have to define me. Help me keep remembering that, okay? ~Ramona Flowers

2. It’s never too late to clean up a mess. ~Ramona Flowers

3. What the hell? No fights? No kissing? This finale sucks. ~Scott Pilgrim

4. So Ramona dated a robot. That’s progressive. ~Scott Pilgrim

5. They’re made out of parts from an old DeLorean. When I hit 88 miles per hour, I travel through time. I don’t know what that is in kilometers. ~Ramona Flowers

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6. I decided the only thing better than being me, was getting paid to be me. Why be Wallace Wells for free? ~Wallace Wells

7. Everybody needs closure. That’s why they call it closure. ~Kim Pine

8. Ooh, The Game Is Over 2! It’s over a second time! That sounds fun. ~Scott Pilgrim

9. Drumming is a great outlet for my emotions. Rage, mostly. ~Kim Pine

10. I had a dream about that girl again. ~Scott Pilgrim

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