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Top 22 Badass Quotes From The Pluto Anime Series

Pluto anime is yet another trending anime series released in the year 2023. It features the story of a suspenseful murder mystery. It is one of the mind-bending suspenseful anime series. Let’s explore the best collection of quotes from the Pluto anime series that you will love…

Best Pluto Anime Quotes

1. You deserve to remember all the pieces of your dream as I deserve to remember mine. ~North No. 2

2. Why would you try to drag my nightmare out into the light of day? We don’t remember everything like you machines, and that is a blessing! ~Paul Duncan

3. You are right. That is why I’d like to learn to play the piano. I do not want to belong on the battlefield. ~North No. 2

4. Whether our killer is human or robot, there’s a devil inside them, and it must be stopped. ~Gesicht

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5. A robot and a human being. One of them had no enemies, and the other had nothing but. ~Hoffman

6. That’s why I never had artificial eyes put in. If I need a machine to tell me what the world looks like, then I’d rather not see at all. Far better to live in the dark. The only sights worth laying eyes on already exist within my memory. ~Paul Duncan

Inspiring Quotes From Pluto Anime

7. No mechanism, flesh or otherwise, can avoid the perils of overwork. ~Hoffman

8. All you need to win most fights is a little experience under your belt. The rest of it’s dumb luck. ~Brando

9. I got kids so I could die knowing my wife wouldn’t be all alone. And now that they’re here, I just want to stick around forever. ~Brando

10. Humans seem content to leave stuff up to chance all the time, but I say you make your own luck. ~Brando

11. A real man never breaks his promise. What the hell kinda man would he be if he did? ~Brando

12. Human memory is a very convenient thing. We have a great capacity to forget. Our lives would be tough indeed if we had to hang onto every painful reminder. Thus, forgetting is something of a balm. ~Hoffman

Awesome Lines & Dialogues From Pluto Anime Series

13. The perfect robot brain. It will be capable of suffering. Hatred. Error. It cannot be avoided. ~Tenma

14. Stop trying to make robots more human. Give it up, or something terrible will happen. ~Tenma

15. Computerized brains are not something a man creates. When pushed, they grow. The sting of frustration, profound sorrow. These are the things that push a robot’s brain to improve. ~Tenma

16. A brain capable of error. That’s what it means to have reached perfection. ~Tenma

17. Does the hatred ever truly disappear, or is it a part of you forever, no matter how many times you try to erase it? ~Gesicht

18. No war ever fought has been just. ~Abullah

19. Robots’ memories can be deleted. Were that it worked on us, I would delete mine in a heartbeat. ~Abullah

20. Just because robots work for us, it doesn’t mean we can erase their memories whenever we like. ~Hoffman

21. Hatred and sorrow never leave once they’re in you. Hence their power. One may think they have burned themselves out, but the embers never truly grow cold. ~Tenma

22. Nothing comes from hatred except for more hatred. ~Gesicht

Final Words

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