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Top 21 Bone-Chilling Ryomen Sukuna Quotes That Are Evil

Ryomen Sukuna is one of the major antagonists of the Jujutsu Kaisen anime series. He is known as the king of the Curses. He is one of the most over-powered and terrifying characters in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe. Brace yourself to witness the most bone-chilling quotes from the King Of Curses- Ryomen Sukuna that are Beyond the Carnage

Top Ryomen Sukuna Quotes

1. You dare attempt to touch my soul?

2. A hierarchy not based purely on strength is boring if you ask me.

3. Did you know? You and I are categorized as special grade. Me, and this insect?

4. Women and Children, spawning everywhere like maggots. Marvellous. It’ll be a massacre.

5. I warned you, there won’t be a second time.

6. What a thoroughly annoying brat.

7. Let’s go kill some kids.

Sukuna dialogues

8. Know your place, you fool.

9. To help lots of people was it? Brat! People are going to die because of you!

10. What a waste of talent.

11. You can be frightened now.

Terrifying Dialogues & Sayings From Ryomen Sukuna

12. More! More! More! Put more curse behind it!

13. This is a good opportunity so I’ll show you what real Jujutsu is.

14. You’re not finished are you? Come on, try harder.

15. Fine, fine, then you can die here.

16. I warned you there won’t be a second time

17. Stand proud, you are strong!

18. You should have burnt everything you desired to a cinder. to reach the height of Satoru Gojo and not worry about your future or identity. but you lacked the hunger to take hold of your desires.

19. If you want to switch, go ahead and switch.

20. Still, irritatingly enough, I don’t have control of this body.

21. Even if the parts of me inside you die, there are eighteen other fragments of my soul.

Final Words

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