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Top 20 Powerful Quotes From Escanor To Leave You Awestruck

Escanor is one of the leading characters from the Seven Deadly Sins anime series. He is one of the strongest characters in the anime with superhuman powers, godly speed, and high endurance. But the only issue he has is being weak, small, and afraid during night times. Prepare to be awestruck! Dive deep into the best quotes of Escanor, the Lion’s Sin of Pride that are worth witnessing…

Best Escanor Quotes

1. Apologize to me that you were born into my world.

2. Calmness is the hallmark of those who are mighty.

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3. Anyone who does not value good booze does not have the right to consume it.

4. You can’t fool your own heart no matter how many lies you tell.

5. I have to admit it, you are indeed strong, that’s if you’re not counting me.

6. Perhaps you dropped a coin or something?

7. The secret to feeling more powerful than the rest of the Seven Deadly Sins is to use magic words.

8. Depending on the answer, justice may become evil.

9. It’s not uncommon for villains to hide their true intentions until it’s too late.

10. Those who are powerful are known for their calmness.

Wise Escanor Captions & Sayings

11. It’s fine; if anything happens, I’ll be there.

12. You wouldn’t guess it based on my appearance, but I specialize in babysitting.

13. It’s no surprise it hurt me; I wouldn’t expect anything less from myself!

14. You’ve given up everything valuable in exchange for that useless power you’re about to lose! That is your transgression!

15. Everyone dies at some point. They will, however, live on in the minds of those who remember them.

16. I have no reason to be enraged by those who are beneath me. All I can think of is pity for them.

17. ’ll give you all the changes you need to make amends for our mental sins.

18. If the villain doesn’t show their evil, it’s a problem. To turn knights into heroes, villains are required.

19. Isn’t that what I said? It’s impossible to have an easy death.

20. Pardon me. I feel sick when I’m looked down at by someone smaller than me.

Final Words

These were the compiled collection of quotes from Escanor. From fiery passion to stoic wisdom, we’re uncovering the gems of Escanor’s dialogue. We encourage you to share them with the die-hard fans of The Seven Deadly Sins Anime.

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