Pomodoro technique for productivity

The complete guide of Pomodoro technique for productivity

Do you want to fight procrastination in the easiest way? Are you also one of the persons who struggle with their productivity? Do you always struggle with achieving your deadlines? Do you want to use your every minute in the most productive way?  So you are at the right place. This article is all about a simple but crucial technique for improving your productivity.

So the technique is Pomodoro technique for taking your productivity to the next level. It is a time management technique which guides us to do our important tasks in small intervals of time with frequent breaks. In this article we are going to explore how it really works and what are its benefits for our productivity. So here you go:-


Before the intro, I want to acknowledge who can use this method. Actually it is a method that is being used by a lot of successful people and also recommended by a lot. This method is for improving your productivity to the peak level without much will power. It can be used by every person whether he/she is any Employee, Student, Writer, Entrepreneur, etc.

The Pomodoro Technique is a time management method developed by Francesco Cirillo in the late 1980s while he was a student. In this technique we are supposed to use a timer for completing our tasks in intervals of 25 minutes traditionally followed by a 5 minute break. Each interval is termed as ‘Pomodoro’ which means tomato in Italian, named after the tomato shaped kitchen timer used by Francesco Cirillo.

This method uses the power of system instead of using your will power. That’s why the results are much better with fewer efforts.


In spite of its amazing result, it is a simple process without any complications. Here are the steps of this method:-

Pomodoro technique
Pomodoro Technique

1. Pick up a task:-

                        First of all decide which task you have to do for how much time. Usually it would be best if you do your task for the next 2 hours as one Pomodoro session is of 2 hours. Be clear in your task.

2. Remove all distractions:-

                                         Eliminate all your distractions completely for the next 25 minutes. Put your phone on DND mode or turn off the internet. Also take all materials you need in your task so you don’t get disturbed by any need. Completely remove all your distractions.

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3. Set the timer:-

                           Set your timer for 25 minutes. You can use a real timer or also any preferred app in your phone for timer. My recommendation is to use the free app Focusmeter . This app would also help you to record your daily statistics.  You can decide your own time span but in the beginning, it’s recommended to start with 25 minutes. You can change it later on your choice if it doesn’t suit you.

4. Focus on your task:-

                              Now just do your task for the next 25 minutes with full concentration. You need not to think more. Just achieve as much as you can in those 25 minutes. Stick to your task only without being interrupted by any of your distractions.

5. Take a break:-

                           Once the time is up, take a break of 5 minutes. This is where you have to take care of yourself the most. Don’t forget to return to the task! Also avoid using social media during this break. This break is for refreshing your brain. Most preferred activity to be done in this break for refreshing is Deep breathing, Walking, Having water, stretching.

6. Repeat for four times:-

                                         This is one cycle or pomodoro. A pomodoro session usually includes 4 such sessions covering 2 hours. After that a big break of about 15-30 minutes is recommended. Then you can continue again with another task or same task as your requirement. Use this method for all your tasks which need focus and productivity. You can perform as many sessions as you want in a day. 4 pomodoro sessions in a day are normal.



1. Peak level of productivity:-

The best thing about this method is that it brings out our peak level of productivity and potential. Whenever you work using this method, you would feel an exponential improvement in your productivity. You achieve more and more in your limited time. You would save your time with better performance.

2. Maximum Focus and Concentration level:-

Whenever you are working in intervals or chunks, Your concentration level is maximum in comparison to working for long hours. Since you unlock your maximum concentration level , it will lead to the world class performance in your task. The quality of your task will also improve incredibly.

3. Energy is not drained easily:-

Since we are working in time blocks with proper breaks for recharging our mind and body, our energy is not drained easily. We won’t feel like giving up due to lack of energy in our mind and body. Our used energy is restored in the breaks and we are able to concentrate again on our task with the same energy. It keeps you fresh the whole day with full of energy. Also we won’t feel much tired at the end of the day.

One of the reasons for not getting tired is not multitasking. And distractions and interruptions are not allowed to take your attention resulting in less stress in mind.

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4. Beat Procrastination:-

It is also useful in beating your procrastination. Your mind won’t feel much burden for working just for 25 minutes and less likely to procrastinate for the task. Once you start, you would continue it automatically beating Procrastination. Your mind won’t think in the way that we have to work for the next 6 hours!  Also a 5 minute break would be like a reward for your brain.

5. Extremely simple:-

One of the benefits of this technique is that it is extremely simple requiring minimal setup. But never underestimate it due to its simplicity. As the saying goes sometimes simple is best and sweet thing. Its effects are amazing in spite of its simplicity. All it needs is to plan your day & set the timer to 25 minutes. Easy!


Science behind this technique:-

How is this technique so result oriented? Let’s explore the science behind it.

If we simplify it, we would find it is nothing but doing our tasks with regular breaks. Scientific research has shown that our concentration level decreases with time. Our ideal attention span is also less. So for dealing with this decrement in our focus, Pomodoro technique helps. It uses this fact of less attention span and works accordingly breaking our working interval to 25 minutes. Our human brain is naturally good at maintaining concentration on any task for less time. And the break in between intervals helps our brain to recharge itself .

Also our brain focuses only on the present Pomodoro session which reduces the load and stress of whole day work.

Also we eliminate our distractions and working without distractions is naturally much more productive than constantly fighting with distractions. You get all the benefits of solo tasking as there are no interruptions in your Pomodoro session. So this also helps in productivity. Read here how multitasking drains your energy.

Final words:-

So Pomodoro technique is one of the best techniques as it helps in achieving both QUALITY & QUANTITY.

All I would say now is to implement this technique in your daily life. Just implement this technique for the next 7 days and you would be amazed by your own potential. You don’t need much willpower to continue. Just go for it without even thinking much!

Give it a try for a week. Even if you won’t find results just switch to your regular routine.

Having only knowledge and thinking is a trap.

Take action NOW!

Plan your day, decide your tasks and set the timer.

This was all about Pomodoro Technique for productivity. I hope you got a complete guide about Pomodoro Technique.

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