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Top 18 Badass Quotes From Liberty Prime For A Dose Of Motivation

Liberty Prime is a character in the game Fallout. He is the epitome of American Patriotism and preprogrammed with anti-communist phrases. He is an essential character in the game. And also cannot be killed during gameplay. Here are the best quotes from Liberty Prime that will blow your mind-

Best Liberty Prime Quotes

1. Communism is a lie!

2. Democracy is non-negotiable.
quotes from Liberty Prime

3. Communism is the very definition of failure!

4. Established stratagem: Inadequate.

5. Weapons: hot.

6. America will never fall to Communist invasion!

7. Anchorage will be liberated.Liberty Prime sayings

8. Death is a preferable alternative to Communism!

9. Democracy is truth. Communism is death.

10. Structural weakness detected. Exploiting.

11. Freedom is the sovereign right of every American.

12. Aerial incursion by Communist forces cannot succeed.

13. Probability of mission hindrance: zero percent.Liberty Prime catchphrase

14. Defending Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness.

15. Defeat is not an option.

16. Glory is the reward of valor.Liberty Prime captions

17. Only together can we stop the spread of Communism.

18. Freedom is always worth fighting for.


These were the best quotes from Liberty Prime. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with die-hard fans of Fallout.

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