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Top 17 Best Quotes From The Bratz About Friendship and Life

Bratz are American fashion dolls created by Carter Bryant. It is got popular that Hollywood made a live-action feature film on it.  Bratz shows us the importance of friends and fashion. Here are the best quotes from the Bratz that will give you some valuable life lessons-

Best Bratz Quotes

1. We were a team. We always had each other’s backs. ~Jade

2. Karma has no menu. You get served what you deserve. ~Meygan

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3. We will be ourselves just like we used to be. ~Yasmin

4. We have to make time for each other. ~Jade

5. It is a big deal. Friendship is a big deal. ~Jadebratz sayings

6. We have to take control of our lives, of our friendships. It’s our own fault. We can be friends with each other and do our own thing, right? ~Yasmin

7. You know what? You’re not as bad as people say you are. You’re worse! ~Yasmin

8. Yeah, well you don’t look ignorant. But I guess you can’t judge a book right? ~Dylan

Inspirational Quotes & Captions From Bratz

9. Like when you canceled your ski trip to help Cloe study for finals. That’s what friends do. ~Yasmin

10. You and your friends have put aside all your differences and made it work. ~Sasha’s Dad

11. That’s so weird. Fashion’s like your superpower. You shouldn’t have to hide it. ~Yasminbratz captions

12. Yeah, and it doesn’t matter if we win. We gotta stand up for ourselves. Show some attitude. ~Sasha

13. Please, that’s like a textbook definition of superpower. It’s a thing in your life that you’re really amazing at, but you hide it from the world so people will think you’re normal. ~Jade

14. Now, being president of the school is a huge responsibility. And it is one that I take very seriously. ~Meredith

15. I mean, everyone at school is only friends with the people in their group, but we’ve decided to be friends with everyone. ~Yasmin

16. Aw, you did not just say that! Keep talking! Someday you’ll say something intelligent. ~Sasha

17. Same old, same old, I just wish my parents could see who I really am. ~Jade

Final Words

These were the best quotes from the Bratz. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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