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Top 20 Badass Quotes From The Jhin To Blow Your Mind

Jhin is one of the characters of League Of Legends. The game is a multiplayer online battle arena video game.  It is a meticulous criminal psychopath who believes murder is an art. He loves to kill and gains pleasure from it. Here are the best quotes from the Jhin that will blow your mind-

Best Jhin Quotes

1. I am the singer without a voice. The dancer without legs.

2. Perfection isn’t good enough.
Jhin lines

3. Behind every mask is another mask.

4. In carnage, I bloom, like a flower in the dawn.

5. The work is what matters.

6. Art is worth the pain.quotes from Jhin

7. Sometimes, silence is loud.

8. Everyone wears a mask. I just chose to create my own.

9. My genius will be understood—eventually.

10. It is by my will alone. I set my mind in motion.

11. The show never ends!

12. My talent justifies all actions.

13. Art requires a certain cruelty.

14. My work asks questions. It never has answers.Jhin sayings

15. I am at my best only during the performance.

16. With my technique, killing blooms into artwork!

17. No poet’s words could match my craft.

18. You are mediocrity. My genius will supplant you.

19. It is only when the gun fires that I am alive.Jhin captions

20. Death is certain, but killing doesn’t have to be ugly.


These were the best quotes from Jhin. Hope you liked this article and make sure to share it with your friends.

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