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Top 17 Inspirational Quotes From JayDaYoungan To Stun You

JayDaYoungan was one of the popular Rappers. His real name was Javorius Tykies Scott. He was shot and killed at the young age of 24 in his hometown. Here are the best quotes from JayDaYoungan to remember him and spread motivation…

Best JayDaYoungan Quotes

1. I wish I can get all my time back I wasted.

2. If I tell you I love you I mean it I’ll never turn my back on you no matter the situation.

3. I hate when somebody try to play crazy Face with look of triumph.

4. I break my back for you but you won’t break a sweat for me.

5. Sometimes I wanna get away and disappear no magic.

6. You gotta go through the storm before the sun shine.

7. Thinking too much can be a problem.

8. Every day is a new lesson, just live & learn.
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9. All I ever wanted to do was rap, and now I’m here.

10. Salute to everybody who wakes up to get money.

11. Avoiding negativity finding peace

12. You gone receive the same energy you put out.

13. Life too short not to be happy.

14. Success don’t define character.

15. I love my brothers so much I’ll put my life on the line for them all.

16. They say success is the sweetest revenge, so I’m gon’ be successful.

17. God put me through so much because he know I’m strong.

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