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Top 13 Badass Quotes From John Gotti To Stun You

John Gotti was one of the most powerful American criminals. During his peak era, he was regarded as the most dangerous and powerful crime boss. He had a flamboyant and lavish lifestyle. Here are the best quotes from John Gotti to stun you…

Best John Gotti Quotes

1. I think you’d be better off with a lawyer who has no conflict problems.

2. If I was home I’d throw him off a … building. … I mean that’s the only thing they understand.

3. I think the brand mark would be sincerity.

4. Always be nice to bankers. Always be nice to pension fund managers. Always be nice to the media. In that order.

5. Don’t ever say anything you don’t want played back to you someday.

6. Well we know the whole situation’s full of lies, Dad. That’s just the way it is.

7. Don’t carry a gun. It’s nice to have them close by, but don’t carry them. You might get arrested.

8. I’m a man’s man. I’m here to take my medicine.

9. He’s getting personal, I want to get personal.

10. He who is deaf, blind & silent, lives a thousand years in peace.

11. My wife was a major obstacle. She said, ‘If you do it, we’re through. We need you in this house.

12. You guys are going to have to do a piece of work for the family.

13. I never lie because I don’t fear anyone. You only lie when you’re afraid.

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