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Top 18 Best Quotes From Fabolous To Live By

Fabolous is a popular American rapper, songwriter, and singer. His real name is John David Jackson. He initially gained recognition during his high school times. Here are the best quotes from Fabolous that will stun you…

Best Fabolous Quotes

1. You should make more moves, and make less announcements.

2. I like different shoes with different themes for different reasons.

3. A Thug Changes, and Love Changes and Best Friends Become Strangers.

4. When You are in the Lead You Don’t Care Who’s Trailing.

5. Don’t make excuses, make deposits.

6. I can play Cool but I can’t play Fool.

7. They Say Money Shapes a Man Keep them Quares out Your Circle.

8. You can’t spell believe without a lie in the middle.

9. Sun Stopped Shining, She Never got Shady.

10. Money ain’t Everything it’s More about the Timing.
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11. I think the comfort of sneakers is really coming back. Everybody wants a cool pair of shoes, but they want to be comfortable.

12. I don’t want to attach myself to everything.

13. Know your worth, ain’t no discounts.

14. You know my work need no resume.

15. It’s okay to lose your pride over someone you love. Don’t lose someone you love though over your pride!

16. Eagles don’t fly with pigeons, they way higher. All wings flap but you gotta stay flyer.

17. You can spend your time Dreaming about Living or Living your Dream.

18. Money is the root of all evil I thought….But when I’m broke is usually when I have the evilest thoughts.

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