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Top 13 Amazing Quotes From The Ergo Proxy

Ergo Proxy is a renowned anime series. The series was released in the year 2006. It showcases a mind-blowing story where the humans and androids known as AutoReivs co-exist together. Let us check out the best quotes from the Ergo Proxy anime that will blow your mind…

Best Ergo Proxy Quotes

  1. The only thing waiting for you outside is a world of death. ~Re-L Mayer
  2. All those who wander in the darkness seek the light, but when they reach the light, they turn away their eyes from the blinding glare. ~Kazkis Hauer
  3. We are the sum of our memories. Erasing the memories edged in oneself is the same as loosing oneself. ~Ergo Proxy
  4. A lie is truth, until you recognize it as a lie. To see the truth behind those lies is probably the right thing to do. However, it may not necessarily bring happiness. Lies are Happiness. ~Hoody
  5. The world is not beautiful, therefore it is. ~Vincent Law
  6. I am Ergo Proxy. The agent of death. ~Ergo Proxy
  7. Who cares if you’re not real? Even if this world is a lie, the memories and experiences carved into us are real. Both joy and sadness. ~Re-l Mayer
  8. All that you feel is cold. All that you touch feels nothing. The world you used to know is no more. Is this what it means to be alone? ~Re-l Mayer
  9. Humans really are terrible creatures. I see that now. But the funny thing is, I forgive them. ~Daedalus Yumeno
  10. For some, happiness is an illusion. For others, it’s something to dream of. For me, it’s a reality that I’ve lost sight of. ~Vincent Law
  11. The best way to remove your lies is to make them come true. ~Proxy One
  12. You told me once to forget the past, because it doesn’t matter. But you’re the one still tied to the past, Spike. ~Raul Creed
  13. Why do humans always look to the sky? Why do you try so hard to fly when you don’t have any wings? We’ll run on our own legs. ~Kazkis Proxy

These were the best quotes from Ergo Proxy. Hope you enjoyed these quotes and share them with your friends.

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